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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    I'm well educated and apparently "bright" according to people but I'm really not that ambitious when it comes to finding a job that people think would be "fitting" for me.

    I don't want a job that makes me work weekends, I want 40 hours in and then be able to go home and forget about it. I want to be able to put in my time on a job during the weekdays, get paid decently, get good insurance and be able to retire with no real concerns. I don't want a job that invades my thoughts at home, or that I have to worry about how I dress as to how I will advance through the "corporate ladder." I want a union job!

    Every time I voice this preference though, people tell me "oh, you shouldn't do that! you're so much better than that!" or worse yet "that would be such a waste!"

    Why is it anyone else's concern what a person does for a living? And is it possible to be "too good" to do certain types of work?
    The organ (initially established) for the underprivileged-
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    Quote Originally Posted by FDG View Post
    You have to take "willingness" in account when you evaluate "suitability", though, imo. An unwilling person is never suitable...
    I would agree, but it is more efficient if our programmed biases simply push others towards social status blindly, rather than not at all...

    (I'm not saying that we should encourage this, only that is probably why it is so universal!)

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