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Thread: Video: INFJ: Relationships

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    Default Video: INFJ: Relationships

    • This is a Psychology Major who has been studying MBTI for about 10 years. One of her classes required an analysis of her own personality type in regards to how it functions within a relationship, so this is just a little synopsis of some of the conclusions she came to. I think it's pretty good.

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    I actually do agree with a lot of what she said here. Especially the part where she said that we might reveal a tiny bit of vulnerability to test the water (not consciously- just in the normal way that people do when they're getting to know others), and (our deeply internal response to) the other person's reaction to it will either solidify the connection or make us back away. We don't often think about why, it's very instinctive (and the instinct is very strong)- when it becomes clear that someone doesn't really understand where we're coming from then it's too much work to keep interacting with them.

    Speaking only for myself, I really need people around me who can help me make sense of my experience of the world- and there just isn't room for people who only seem to convolute it; which is not saying something positive or negative about their character, merely that they are either enough like me to truly understand where I'm coming from or they are so different that there will be too many misunderstandings to clean up and ultimately it will be too much work to interact with them.
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