1: Organization 82% (detail oriented, anal)

Tied for 2:
Cautiousness 74% (restrained, cautious)
Conscientiousness 74% (careful, planner)
Efficiency 74% (finisher, follows through)
Morality 74% (play by the rules)

Tied for 3:
Purposefulness 70% (prepared, focused)
Rationality 70% (direct, logical)
Perfectionism 70% (detail obsessed)
Group Attachment 70% (prefers to be with others)
Empathy 70% (in tune with others)

Coming in last:
Self-Disclosure 26% (private, contained)
Happiness 30% (unhappy, dissatisfied)
Tranquility 30% (emotionally volatile)
Cool-headedness 34% (demanding, controlling)
Poise 38% (uneasy around others)
Provocativeness 38% (modest, plays it safe)
Tenderness 38% (cold hearted, selfish)

So I've got lots of empathy, but am not tender. I've also got lots of group attachment but little poise.