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Intertype Dynamics is theory of how types relate to each other, by the functions they share or do not share. While Socionics has a well developed (and fairly familiar) system of this, MBTI ("Western type"), also has one, not as well known, provided by the Type Logic site.

Type difference (X vs y)Type Logic relationship nameFunctional differenceSocionics codeSocionics Relationship name
Completely compatible (Same "Intentional Style") (same quadra)
XXXXIdentity—The same typeXXXxIdentical (Idn)
yXXXPaldiffering only in I/E; same preferred functionsyXXyMirror (Mrr)
XyyySupplementsame primary functions, two “blocks” reversedXyyyActivity (Act)
yyyyAnimaAll four primary functions in reverseyyyxDuality (Dlt)
IncompatibleOpposite Intentional Style (all functions mutually in "shadow")Alternate quadra (A-G or B-D)
yXXyContrast(also called “opposing personality”); same function order, but attitudes reversedyXXxContrary (Cnt)
XXXyComplementtype with opposite J/P, which orients preferred functions differentlyXXXyQuasi-identical (Qid)
yyyXNoveltytype sharing only J/P, which orients opposite functionsyyyyConflicting (Cnf)
XyyXEnigmaMcAlpine, “Dynamic Opposite”; all eight function-attitudes in reverse orderXyyxSuper-Ego (Ego)
Rationally compatibleIntentional Style with common judgment tandem Adjacent quadra (A-B or G-D)
XyXXNeighborcommon rational function in same position (and rest of the arm or spine)XyXxComparitive (Cmp)
yyXXCounterpartone’s dom. is the other’s aux.yyXySupervision (Sp)*
XXyyAdvisorone of one’s preferred function is other’s tert. or inf; with common I/E and S/N “language”XXyyBenefit (Bn)*
yXyyPedagogueone of one’s preferred function is other’s tert. or inf.; opposite I/EyXyxSemi-duality (Sdl)
A-rationally compatibleIntentional style with common perception tandemquadra A-D or B-G
XXyXCompanioncommon a-rational function in same position, and by ext., the rest of the arm or spineXXyxLook-a-like (Lkl)
yXyXTribesmanone’s dom. is the other’s auxyXyySupervision (Sp)*
XyXySuitemateone of one’s preferred function is other’s tert. or inf.XyXyBenefit (Bn)*
yyXyCohortone of one’s preferred function is other’s tert. or inf.; opposite I/EyyXxIllusionary (Ill)
  • We "Supervise" type with aux. function as our dominant; and opposite other function
  • We "Benefit" type whose aux. is our dominant in opposite attitude, and whose dominant is our tertiary

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