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    Sorry for reviving an dead thread...

    Not only that ISFP description is a little bit retarded and portrays us as shallow to the point of cringe, ISFP's are also stereotypicaly portayed as dumb and non-intelligent. In other types like INTP, ENTP or INTJ, you usualy get few stereotypes (Around 2) bad stereotypes, but usualy they get tons of good stereotypes, but that is the opposite for ISFP's, ISFP persoanlity usualy gets loaded with tons of bad; lazy, dumb, unintelligent, low IQ, bad at leader, shallow... It's very rare that ISFP's get good stereotypes...

    I personaly discovered MBTI, because I want to know which characters from random shows or movies share the same type as me.

    But the more deep I go into the MBTI fanbase, the more I realise how cancerous it is. Cancerious fanbases like Undertale is usualy filled with cringe fangirls and their bad arts, while in MBTI you see how there are certain amount of MBTI types that are "God tier", some are "Normal tiers" while there is that one type which is "Shit tier", based on the number of good and bad stereotypes it receives, I even started a thread about how certain types (Mainly ISFP) get steretypicaly preceived as bad, and guess the what happened... Anyway that comes to my final conclusion so far:

    MBTI was a mistake.
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    My friend and my brother are ISFP and they are amazing both as person and intellect.
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    I haven't minded the ISFP descriptions, and I realize I may not be absolutely typical, but I do find the descriptions fit me as well as any. I am a little hippie, I love nature, care about environmentalism, focus my entire life on expressing through the arts, I don't read as many books as I should, I hit on my boyfriend a lot, I'm pretty silly, I'm vegetarian, for growing up as trailor trash - I have a natural fashion sense, I like to be my own person and not follow the crowd, I love what is new and original, and I value kindness, I love spending time with animals and sitting in the forest, etc. The descriptions don't offend me at all - at least the ones I've read. I guess I don't like the "dumb" part of the stereotype, but it strikes me really funny, actually. I don't have any insecurity about my intelligence, so I enjoy the idea that people will expect me to be dumb and then I can shock them at the right time.

    Online people tend to think I'm an iNuitive, but I think it's because the Fi-Ni loop isn't really understood. I suspect that is one of the most abstract combinations that distills reality, feelings, morality, a sense of the subjective down to its core points. I have been told I do that in my writing sometimes.
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