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    Quote Originally Posted by Animus View Post
    Cyborgs will roam the streets.
    Processors powerful enough to mimic the human brain.
    People vacationing in space resorts.
    Full autopilot is available for all new cars.
    Personal pocket computers controlled through thoughts.
    Immerssive super high definition media.
    People realize that global warming was a huge joke.
    Walmart will account for 45% of the retail market.
    I liked ghost in the shell sac alot too

    one can only hope my friend
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    The shell suit will be back in vogue... as being quaint and retro

    One size fits all, fits no one....

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    more pollution, natural disasters and goverments have more control.
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
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    I prefer not to think about that time period. Every time I turn in that direction all can I see is a wasted old man, leering at me as he stands on the threshold of death. It won't matter anyway, though, because by the time I turn old we'll all be blown to smithereens by an approaching meteor. We're too busy fighting poverty and terrorism to bother with massive space rocks that threaten our very existence. And that's a true story, too: at the moment there are a couple of gigantic meteors that have a decent chance to strike within the next 50 years, as well as numerous meteors that go unmonitored. Neither of those issues can be dealt with, of course, because everyone has their hands full watching FOX News and getting their hair permed.
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    Hehe. Well, according to Isaac Newton, there's going to be an Apocalypse in 2060. Can't wait.

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    Mostly everyone will be mutants, it will just be me and my dog roaming the streets of a deserted city, signs of nature claiming back the earth will be on every corner. I won't be able to go out at night time because they will be out there :horor: Also I won't be able to run fast with my zimmerframe so it would be best if I didn't take any risks.

    It will be a lonely life and my only friends will be the mannequins.
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    -We won't use skycars or stuff like that. ENergy is too hard to come by.
    -cities and businesses are increasingly planned to allow for the minimum physical movement required
    -business & pleasure air traffic will continue
    -personal transport will move to lighter vehicles. If it's just cutting the weight of a car in half.
    -there will be a world-wide electrical network working on superconductors. Cheap energy can be provided on the other side of the world at night on a commercial basis, when the demand is low, and provided to other parts of the world. (On a commercial basis.)
    -communication networks will improve so much that many server farms (if they exist in the form they do today) will work from other side of the globe.
    -economy will be closer to real economy than today, and greater transparency and accountancy for financial derivatives.
    -Rich will be bloody rich and the poor will be bloody poor (and there will be more poor), but the middle class, lower middle class and upper middle class will enjoy more sensible work conditions.
    -general strong AI has not been found.
    -reason why the humans have "cognition" and are sentient, have not been found, but it has been explained to death.
    -Religions have trivialized themselves even much further than today.
    -chance of God is given a more acceptable, academic possibility.
    -best attempts at strong AI have been from inserting human-like androids to human world and letting them experience human society from ground up.
    -the extreme high tech is insanely much more advanced today, especially when it comes to expert systems and specialized computer systems. There's still a strong anti-tech movement, with a large portion of the population having physical means of production.. being control of food production.. building the infrastructure etc. So the high tech people will continue to be divided to high- and low-wage jobs, as in universities on a low wage. Instead, the unintelligent group who holds menial jobs, will have ok wages.
    -the lower portion of the population, in creativity, ability, etc. will just drag behind, they will not be greatly more enlightened compared to how they are now.
    -there will be experiments with privatizing police, parts of army, personal security, on the account that there will be money made. Soon it will be found that safety, well-being and the non-necessity of having all those services privatized is valuable in themselves. In other words, there will be extreme tests on free market, and in some places, the end of the lesson will be sensible regulation. As in, someone extorting a person for their life will not be allowed, like it isn't now. How this all relates to protective and health care professions will be standardized, and some kind of solution will be found out. Medical Insurance companies will continue to exist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timeless View Post
    World population exceeds 20 billion.

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    Things will more than likely be exactly the same way things are now. It's just like when people thought by 2000 we would have flying cars, etc. The only prediction that they were correct about was portable phones. Everything else is ridiculous.

    I think religion will continue to disintegrate. People are not as religious as they used to be and the Christian population has decreased by 12% since the 1990's, while atheism continues to go on the rise. I think America would still be a big global power and I think by that time we would be "green". Maybe we'll finally have bullet trains? Maybe. It's a possibly. But there are some things that interfere with us being "green". The giant corporations that control America will lose a lot of money... so who can honestly know? But my guess is that eventually these men would have to "update" their type of thinking. Like, creating giant "green" companies, etc. Like solar energy, etc. Only when these men have this power, do I see America going forward as a green nation. Cars will be more efficient, etc. But we still will be having the same problems that we do now.

    Also, I see a rise of another political party. A lot of Republicans are leaving the Republican party, so I am assuming they'll create another party.
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    All the homes and businesses will no longer have tradition doors. Instead the standard door will be replaced by a "smart door" that will open when you press a button or depending on the settings slide a key card over it or automatically open when it senses you are near by.
    Similar to the sensor doors in the supermarket today, except they will be more quick, efficiant, high tec and most will let out a sound like compressed air in a whipcream container as they open and close.

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