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Thread: In praise of Ps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gewitter27 View Post
    One Word: Blog.
    Make one.
    two words: got one. see that link in my sig there? and every fucker I know reads it, so if I put that there, I'd never hear the end of it!

    Anyway, I considered it pertinent to the topic at hand

    SciVo, I know, it was just a rant. That's what EP's do before taking action
    Ils se d�merdent, les mecs: trop bon, trop con..................................MY BLOG!

    "When it all comes down to dust
    I will kill you if I must
    I will help you if I can" - Leonard Cohen

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    Quote Originally Posted by substitute View Post
    SciVo, I know, it was just a rant. That's what EP's do before taking action
    Ah, never mind then. Carry on!
    INFP ~ Fi/Ne/Ni/Te ~ 9-2-4 sp/so

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    Quote Originally Posted by substitute View Post
    You know what? I find that when I start behaving like a J, being responsible, putting my duties first and pleasure second, those J's who've been lecturing me to be more like that can't actually handle it when I am.
    I feel ya...

    edit: now, wait a minute, what did i just say? "feel"?
    *enters identity crisis

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    Quote Originally Posted by ergophobe View Post
    I've read this one too -- just pulled it off my shelf. Good mix of inspiration and a focus on persistence. She has a chapter on the latter. I like the discussion of a lot of philosophical issues surrounding writing -- more a question of what kind of writer you want to be and not just how to write. That's neat. It was a very interesting read particularly because of the time in which it was written. She had some very progressive ideas even if her language was reflective of the time in which she lived. She was trying to inspire people across the gender and class barriers of that time. For example, in the beginning, she talks about everyone having the ability to write....noblemen and servant girls :0

    Also see the chapter titled, "Why Women Who Do Too Much Housework Should Neglect It For Their Writing". How lovely.

    It is a real testament to the book though that nearly a century later (demonstrating my vague P ness here), the book still speaks rather well to aspiring writers.

    Also a great book for writing inspiration is Bird by Bird by Anne Lammott. Very fun and has great suggestions and writing tips. This one remains my favorite. Oh goodness, this reminded me of the weirdest thing that happened a few years ago. I had gone to hear Anne Lammott read from her book at my grad school. In the Q&A section, a woman screamed out AL's MBTI type and just started telling her all about the type...I don't remember what it was but I do remember thinking what a strange thing to do. Now, here I am, on an MBTI site trying to figure out what AL's type may be... I still won't scream it out at her at a future reading though.

    Also fun for more practical advice for the novel genre is The Plot Thickens by Noah Lukeman.

    P.S. I think Ueland may be an ENFP/J because she seems to really depend on and get a lot out of interactions with the students in her class for the book - classic ENFP/ENFJ observations. Sure, she presents several well thought through arguments in the book. Yet, the force of her words are very much still in the inspiration she provides. She's also remarkably funny and notices the strangest things about people she refers to --

    "There were many funny people, one of them a pretty married girl with fine, clear, sleepy eyes and a drawn and a sideways look."
    Footnote: "So many funny people seem to drawl and be lazy"
    Page 96-97.

    "One of the class was Mrs. B. She had written for many years...She was an interesting and competent person, although something about the rather severe, rational, get-down-to-business look through her pince-nez made me feel that it might be a little hard to do much for her"

    Don't both the above, particularly the first quote, sound just like an ENFP making weird connections....
    Interesting observations. I pegged her as an INTP/INFP because she makes several statements about the importance of "getting alone" in order to be creative. Sure, she held writing classes/workshops, but that was probably her source of income. She talks about the busy-ness, loudness, and rat race of the world and how it's so important to get away from that if you want to be creative. As an introvert, I relate to that in a BIG way. I don't see many extroverts wanting to avoid all of those things. This author really makes it a point to drive home the being alone idea. Also, I typed her as a P because she is so adament about "taking your time" and "letting things come at a slow pace". She is in no rush whatsoever and she makes it a point to tell the reader to slow down and not feel guilty about idleness (albeit "productive idleness" where one is brainstorming). As a P, I totally relate to this as well.

    I typed her as a possible T because a lot of what she says is very logical. I do see some F in there too, so I wasn't too sure about the T/F.

    But, that's just what was running through my head as I read her writing.

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    That books been on my list for ages. I'll have to order it.
    Hahaha. This is so P

    ...he always has had before, and as we know, in the world of J's, what was before, is and always will be, because CHANGE is EVIL!
    If there's one thing I'd criticize about Js, its definitely the closemindedness. I used to find it ridiculous and thought of them as living within the constraints of cages/shells, if only psychologically imposed.
    However, I found that Js can be open minded about someee things. SJs can be open-minded to those whom they consider professionals in their respective fields - they give the benefit of the doubt that the professional in question knows his shit. NTJs are interested in, and can be open to, more efficient ways of doing things, and expanding their knowledge/repertoire of skills. NFJs are open to the possibilities of human change.
    At least, thats my two cents worth.

    @ substitute - don't let the Js get you down and guilt trip you! Stick to your guns and they will eventually respect your perimeters, but you do need to explain things to them to smoothen things out. otherwise they will, as you said, take it personally. You probably want to calm down though. Js really (reaally) don't take well to change, esp. if its what they perceive to be negative to the way theyve been living their lives thus far.

    PATIENCE you'll get there.

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