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View Poll Results: Which kind(s) of intelligence BEST describe(s) your natural strength(s)?

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  • Linguistic

    24 44.44%
  • Logical-mathematical

    13 24.07%
  • Musical

    20 37.04%
  • Bodily-kinesthetic

    6 11.11%
  • Spatial-visual

    19 35.19%
  • Interpersonal

    16 29.63%
  • Intrapersonal

    31 57.41%
  • Other

    5 9.26%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    insert random title here Randomnity's Avatar
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    I'm a little fuzzy on what exactly counts as linguistic strength. I mean, I have excellent spelling and grammar and I can string together words in a fairly coherent manner, and have historically done very well on written reports, but I'm pretty much terrible at speaking IRL, like on the fly. And I'm not a very creative writer, nor do I enjoy writing (absolutely hate it in fact). Soo I don't know if it's a strength or not.

    Regardless, logic/numbers is first, spatial is second. Linguistic would probably be third regardless of the definition. Although I tested on that link (excel sheet): spatial 34, logical 31, surprisingly music 30 (I guess because I really enjoy it, but I have never learned anything musical), ...linguistic and body tied for last at 22.

    will vote the obvious 2, I guess.
    -end of thread-

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    This was what my last test said... Sounds about right, though the musical part is more about being very good at keeping in tune and beat, not in actually creating music
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    The whole problem with the world is that fools & fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts. ~ Bertrand Russell

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    Musical/auditorial and intrapersonal I'd say.

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    Intrapersonal and Existential mostly.

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    If I checked 4...does this mean that I think too highly of myself?

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    Hard to say... those terms can be interpreted in different ways, and on some I am not sure I understand them right.

    Can say I am definitely not very talented in "musical", "Bodily-kinesthetic" and "Spatial-visual" area.

    I believe I am rather good in langustic area, though there is still people who are better, and my lazyness prevents me from being really good in other languages than my primary language.
    Here counts especially the written word - in speaking, I am having a bit more trouble with it, probably things like nervousness, shyness etc. play a role here.

    Logical-mathematical: Well, I am not sure. I believe I am able to apply and understand logical approaches in general quite well. Not sure whether it strictly applies to mathematics. I was very good in mathematics in my youth, but I became a bit weaker in it in the last years. Maybe I am too lazy and don't invest enough time to really learn things, but have the potential to be better, or I reached my borders when stuff became more complex.

    Not sure how "Intrapersonal" is meant in that context, so no opinion on that.

    Interpersonal, I believe I have some talent in it, but I don't put much trust into it. Even if I believe I know how a person feels, I have doubts whether I am not wrong. I am able to help people to clear out arguments very well also for example, but again I am very shy and often avoid getting involved into things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babylon Candle View Post
    If I checked 4...does this mean that I think too highly of myself?
    Nah, just a lot of self-efficacy.


    “Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings -- always darker, emptier and simpler.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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    1. Musical. (100%) I have an ear for music and am naturally in sync with the rhythm of the songs I hear. Music is my main passion and want to pursue having a career that relates to it.

    2. Interpersonal. (90%) I relate well to people and am sensitive to their needs and feelings. I am someone who my friends come to when they need counselling and advice. I'm naturally good at cheering people up and helping them with their emotional problems. I've also been told that I give good advice. I am also the peace-maker of feuds.

    3. Visual/Spatial. (85%) I am good at solving puzzles. I also enjoy photography; I draw and paint well.

    4. Naturalist. (80%) I am very good with animals. Every animal I've ever met has warmed up to me more than they would to most. The cats I've had also tend to hang out with me more than my other family members. I had one for 8 years; I currently have two. I also love and appreciate nature.

    5. Intrapersonal/Verbal-Linguistic. (65%) I am very in sync with my feelings and am self-aware. I have also always excelled in my foreign-language classes. I enjoy English and like to read and write.

    6. Logical/Mathematical. (60%) Math was never my favorite subject, but I am able to complete the problems it sends my way. I have been told by many people that I am a logical person, and I agree with them. Although I am very in touch with my feelings and usually refer to those, I am likely to think of the logical aspect of whatever comes my way.

    7. Bodily/Kinesthetic (55%) I danced for 10 years (ballet, tap, jazz; hip-hop for a few years). When I go out dancing with my friends, I am the one who is seen as the dancer of the group. I think this is also due to me being in sync with the music I hear. I am a good basketball, volleyball, and baseball player. I was on the girls' volleyball team in my high school and I played baseball and basketball on teams when I was in elementary school. I am good with other sports, as well, but am better with the three aforementioned. I can kick butt in hockey, too. :P

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    ... They say that knowledge is free, and to truly acquire wisdom always comes with a price... Well then,... That will be $10, please!

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