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    message boards (or sub-boards) should be oriented towards the first two functions i.e. FiNe and NiFe.

    no matter what position one takes on the diversity of opinions about the dichotomies, one should realize that this diversity is real and that functions are the least ambiguous. the point of a single-type board is to find alike-ness and get rid of identity theft aka "see, i am the better you"

    this will be found over time, if opinion does not get in the way.

    if opinion about dichotomies is encouraged, people who are not alike will continue to insist that they are the "true" ixxp or ixxj.

    or else just insist on doing the same mistakes again and again and again.
    if you open the next message board for infx, make sure the admin is a psychotic enfj, because entp became boring once they owned 70% of all internet sites. and make sure the helping mods are autistic. they have such superior moral insights.

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    Currently submerged under an avalanche of books and paper work. I may come back up for air from time to time.
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    There's a new INFP forum for those whose interested... Feel free to join and enjoy =) • Index page

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