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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffywolf View Post
    If it is the first one, then going for a good brand 9dbi antenna may improve your situation. But if it is the latter, it won't be something you can fix.
    Yeah, it's the 1st one. City has free wifi on certain blocks.. mine being one of them. Strongest signal's a branch of the public library about 500ft away. Honestly I could walk there/use it there (but I'm a creepy recluse.. fuck that for right now). The weak antenna I bought was an improvement, so yeah- stands to reason a stronger one (9dbi+) would work even better.

    Thx, fuzzywolf. *pats*
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    I bought this recently as an upgrade from the usb stick I was using on my pc, since it doesn't have wifi built in. My room is in the basement and our router is upstairs, and the signal has to go through a few walls as well as the floor. I used to get maybe 2 bars of reception with the stick, now I have 100% signal consistently and much better speeds and latency. It's been very highly reviewed and is pretty cheap too. I'm quite happy with it.

    Depending on what cell phone service works well in your area, you could also look into getting a prepaid mobile hotspot, though even that can get kind of expensive.

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