I was very fond of this series for a while I was growing up, particularly throughout my middle school years, but have never seen any of the characters typed under the MBTI system. I'm going to attempt, however, to type the character's personalities, even if I am unsure of some of them; here are my opinions:

Alice- INFP
(She almost feels like a paragon for Fi, for as the main protagonist of the series, she seems to internalize everything as she tries to discover herself and identify what she truly desires; the fact that she constantly mentioned wanting to become a psychologist to better understand others and was curious to a fault seemed rather NF to me as well.)

Elizabeth- INFJ (despite seeming like an ISFJ at first glance, she has a hidden philosophical side and seems to perceive the world through some usage of Ni, although I may wrong about this. I am pretty certain she was a Fe user, however).

Pamela- ESFP (typical bubbly, extraverted blonde to serve as a foil to Elizabeth's shyness and self-consciousness).

Gwen- ENFJ (typical model student and academic ace with strong ideas and ambitions to fill her parents with pride).

Lester- ENTP

Aunt Sally- ISFJ (obviously)

Ben (Alice's father)- ISFJ

Sylvia (Alice's stepmom)- ESFJ

Rosalind (Alice's childhood friend in the prequels)- ENFP

Brian (a guy-friend of Alice's)- ESTP

Jill and Karen- ESFJ and ESFP (again, obviously)

Mrs. Plotkin- ISFJ

Amy Sheldon- INTP

Patrick- xxTx (I honestly have no clue as to what Patrick is, but he struck me as being an N throughout the series).

So... what do you guys think? Do you all agree with these types?