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Thread: Greek Gods

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    Default Greek Gods

    Let's type the greek gods!

    Zeus: ESTJ
    Hera: ESFJ
    Poseidon: ESTP
    Hades: IxTx
    Persephone: INFJ
    Apollo: ENFP?
    Artemis: ISTP?
    Athena: INTJ
    Ares: ESTP
    Aphrodite: ESFP
    Hephaestus: ISTP
    Hestia: ISFJ
    Dionysus: ISFP
    Demeter: ISFJ
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    I've always thought
    Zeus: ESTP 3w2
    Hera: ESFJ 1w2
    Poseidon: E?TJ 8w9
    Hades: ENTP or INTJ 6w5
    Persephone: INF? 9w1 or 2w1
    Apollo: I?FP 9w1
    Aphrodite: ENFJ 2w1
    Artemis: ISTP 8w7
    Athena: ?NTJ 1w9
    Ares: ESTP 8w7
    Hephaestus: ISTP 9w8
    Dionysus: ISFP 7w6
    Demeter: ISFJ 1w2
    Cupid: INFP 9w1 or 4w3
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