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Thread: Typing Children

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    I tried to take that test thinking about how I would've responded in middle school, and I got ITP. In Middle School, I was more of, "I guess I have to go to school, so I'ill do whatever I can. If I can't do something, oh well. I'll go play on my computer. Oh, we're going out to the mall? I want to go!"

    I lived in Atlanta when I was in middle school. My mother had a AAA subscription, and I got a map of Atlanta there. I then went on to study the map constantly as we explored the city. I knew the city at 12 years old better than a lot of people that lived there. They have a bus and monorail system there called MARTA. I started memorizing all of the bus routes, even though I didn't go on them. Whenever I saw buses, I knew where they were going. It was cool.

    They had these little packets for each bus route detailing its route. I mailed a letter to MARTA back then for them to send me all 150+ bus route booklets. I can still remember sitting in the living room and dumping the envelope with all of them out on the floor. I was so excited! When I went to the place where my sister worked, people would ask ME for directions. That stuff was way more important than school.

    The thing was, whenever I tried to remember roads and stuff, I'd visualize that first map I got from AAA in my head, and then I'd start remembering street and suburb names.

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    I've read that a child's personality is fixed by age 7. I think it could vary with each child, though. I'm pretty sure I could have been pinned as an INFP baby at a few months old. I was a quiet baby and I only cried when I needed something, changed or fed. Other than that I spent time looking around the room. I'm still curious, lol.

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