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    Quote Originally Posted by Sol_ View Post
    That's what i took and got Strategist. I always thought INTJ were the strategist's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simulatedworld View Post
    And you still think you're a J?

    Remember that leading with a Judging function (Te/Ti/Fe/Fi) doesn't make you a J.

    MBTI's P/J dichotomy is really not the same thing as Jung's. Really, REALLY not the same thing.

    The spontaneity/lack of planning/adaptability to changing conditions/sporadic ebb and flow of creative energy is the definition of P in MBTI terms.

    Jung was kind of a crackpot.
    Honestly if there were no cognitive functions, I would be ISTP according to MBTI. But with the cognitives thrown in, definitely ISTJ.

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