• Hey guys! I am new here and I was wondering, could you help me know my type for sure? Thank you in advance!

  1. Who would win? Zombies, Vampires or Werewolves?

Vampires imo because they have all the powers such as telekinesis, shapeshifting, hypnotizing, super strenght. Zombies would lose for sure, because they don't have a brain. Yeah, they can eat your brain, but vampires can just fly over them.

2.Whats your idea of perfect day?
Just no anxiety and nervousness for one day. And I would like it to be winter and that it is snowing! Everyone is being nice to everyone and we just tell people what we want with no fear or anxiety. Also Iwould like to meet a person who knows the answeres to ALL of my questions.
3.What canges would you make if you were a ruler of the world?

First of all I would change the school system and teach children what they actually need and want to learn. First few years of school will be teaching about love and acceptance of other people, because if love was the main law everyone respected other laws wouldnt even be needed. Then they will learn about psychology, how to communicate, how to help someone depressed and sonmany things. Everyone gets recognizrd for what they are meant to do and every person get the same amount of money. Countries will no longer exisist, idk who made that up in the first place. Every six months every person needs to visit a psychologust just as they see a doctor because mental health is equally imortant! There is so many things but this is it for now lol.
5. Describe your self zsing words that start with S.

Shy, maybe smart, serious, sensitive

6. I am an early bird

7. Activities you likes as a kid.
Learning about human body, imaginating that I am a part of some cartoon I was watching, listening to adults talking, playing with my peera when I meet them.

8.What career do you like?
Psychology! Because it is a mixture of thinking and exploring things and helping people.

9. What personality traits of yours are often critisized?
Being absent and careless, even though I care a lot. Also worrying to much.
10. Complete opposite of you
Person who is dominant and has no problem approaching others, person who lives in a moment, person who doeant waste their time exploring theories, person who is not clumsy, person who doesnt have they whole life figured out. Lol
I hope thisbis enough informatuon