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    Quote Originally Posted by Santtu View Post
    Knowledge about the qualities of ESFP isn't very widespread in here (collectively, we just know they like to dance or something ), so they don't often become the topic of a discussion.
    :yim_rolling_on_the_ I can imagine that!!

    I think S's are less likely to be on forums, as said before. I's are more likely to be on, since I assume they'd prefer this kind of communication. And INT's do tend to be more misunderstood than F's, as far as I've seen in real life.

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    This is an interesting subject. This may be why certain types just aren't interesting to me anymore because they're all anyone ever talks about. No one's interested in learning about a type that they aren't. This contributes to why we're not able to build a significant amount of sensors on the forum. Not because the topics are too abstract (:rolli but because who wants to come to a place and find what little discussion about their type that is going on is mostly negative and condescending?

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