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    A Ne dom in the psych ward would think he's the Pope. A Ni dom would think the Pope is after him. : )) Or not.

    Mental illnesses are hereditary, so unless type is hereditary, it doesn't really matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arclight View Post
    This.. I agree.. it's not so much what the information is or where it comes from but rather what kind of assessment and value is placed on the information that causes breakdowns.
    If someone is too subjective, they are more likely to feel alienated and misunderstood.

    Typology statistics themselves, make this claim.
    It seems F doms who use intuition, are the most likely to be in therapy and to suffer from emotional breakdowns and anxiety attacks.
    I am sure I read in "Survival games Personalities Play" that as much as 70% of all people in therapy are NF's. I am sure I also read that SFPs make up the bulk of the rest.
    To add to this, Fe and Fi are insecurity agents and enablers. And before Fe and Fi doms get their thongs in a twist, everyone has Fe and Fi processes.

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