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    Default House for One Euro - Serious

    Do you have any home repair and/or construction skills or the money to buy some ? If yes, keep reading.

    Do you like Peter Gabriel or early Genesis ?

    Do you live near Italy or would you like to do so ? If yes, click on link.

    BBC NEWS | Europe | Sicily mayor offers bargain homes
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    How clever. 1 Euro = $1.44 USD. Puah. That's shitty.
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    Falcarius is so buying a bunch of them.

    Seriously, what's the catch?
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    well first you'd have to pay a considerable sum to have the house(s) restored. then there'd be the eternal tug-o-war with the italian craftsmen who can't seem to finnish anything on time.

    finally, if you got past all that, most native sicilians have no education and don't speak a word of english, let alone proper italian.

    that said, the island itself has a lot of potential. it "just" needs to be probably developed. if we could start an MBTI retreat there, it would be great
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    What's the weather like in Sicily?
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