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    Default Any INTP autistics who get verbally and emotionally abused by family?

    and psychologically? like everything you do is misunderstood, like you have your own way of doing things but because of society's fucked up rules you have to work 100 times a hard just to achieve survival? when in your mind as a kid either they told you or you imagined or ideally if some bureacrats hadn't screwed up your life you would have graduated with a multimillion dollar PhD job at the age of 20? same. my family never understands me i am the black sheep. even if i get physically assaulted they take the assailants side, and often, cops too. it's not just autism heck i hate that i even have to say that society keeps saying "stop using your autism as a crutch!!!!!!" OH OK BUDDY i used that as an excuse too much years ago, and now that i use it once for things like loud tv without even saying the word autism (and while you blasts the sirens with ottoman music and women hardly dressed as ottomans, excuse my islamic sexual frsutration which praise God is getting better luckily im not "incel minded" anymore). oh and btw i am doing better now with all that garbage i threw on you guys so its me warrior, im back, but im just wondering, can any INTP relate to the feeling of being misunderstood, especially by family, even to the point of emotional verbal psychological abuse? examples would be nice. sorry for the rant EDIT: INTP or INTP autistic

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    I was not really understood by anyone in my immediate or extended family, except for maybe one of my cousins, although I wasn't directly abused for it. (They just misinterpreted my motivations a great deal.) Any abuse I suffered came more through other issues and/or religious abuse.

    I either learned how to play the game enough to get by, convey my intentions to be understood to some degree (at least the parts others wanted to understand) and meanwhile withdrew a lot to get my own safe space where I could do my thing without interference.
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