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    Default Socionics: Irrational vs Rational music

    So I read on that irrationals tend to have "softer" emotions, while rationals tend to have "sharper" emotions.

    Picking out some intense music, I choose one of my LII 5w4 (MBTI INTP) brother's favorite songs, and compared it to my own SLE 8w7 (MBTI I/ESTP) favorite song. The difference is that of being stabbed with a hot knife (rational) versus entering a room that is sweltering. The rational intensity is more point focussed, while the Irrational intensity is more spread out. Let me know if you can hear what I hear.

    LII 5w4 (Rational type)

    SLE 8w7 (Irrational Type)

    Essentially, the former song seems to only affect 1 point in my body (in this particular instance, it feels like my brain is being wrung out like a sponge), while the second song (which I made) affects my entire body.


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    Every sound which feels good to the ears is called music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roman67 View Post
    Every sound which feels good to the ears is called music.
    There is actually some music which doesn't feel good to my ears which is the epitome of music - like Wagner.

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    As I'm not a monolith, the type of music I want to listen to will change according to my emotions, feelings, time of day, even years etc. Also, I'm a big music nerd, so I'll listen to a wide range of genres, from very experimental (even shrilling sounds are fine if they have some novelty to them) to a ballad.

    As for your clips, the 1st sounds boring to me right now (but could be cool if i was doing yoga - see, depends on circumstances) and the second is more appropriate to my current mood, because I'm working..... but it's also musically a shit - very bland, nothing innovative about it.

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