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    What is your personal style and how might you relate that to your type?
    I'm kind of eclectic, a mix of quirky, offbeat, bohemian, whimsical, slightly rebellious, a tad retro at times, usually quite feminine, and never, ever plain. I am not a jeans, t-shirt and tennis shoes person; I tend to overdress, I think. Yet, I don't like the stiffness of anything "professional". I am not extremely weird or totally inappropriate either.

    I definitely try and create some semblance of my inner person; like, what would my inner personality look like if it exploded in the form of colors and shapes? Outfits have clear "vibes" for me, as far as what it says about me as a person. They can also represent personae I invent, or characters of sorts, which are really some aspect I see in myself.

    I can shop anywhere and still come out looking like me. I like bold colors, black, funky prints, different textures, printed/colored/textured tights, boots & ballet flats, playing with silhouettes, etc. I like organic and vintage-y things, but also modern and futuristic. I like VARIETY.

    Do you think your enneagram type (including wing & instinctual stack!) influences your personal style of dress/grooming?
    The type 4 description is admittedly rather spot on, as far as these words go: unique, vintage, edgy, often weird and random, trendy, clashing, raw. I'm not a fashion victim trend-whore type, but I get bored and am always looking for new styles to play with visually. So from that motivation, I tend to be drawn towards novelty.

    I think my style sometimes is an armour of sorts. I might deep down purposely cultivate a look which puts off those who I think won't "get" me.

    I definitely see it as self-expression, an everyday opportunity to be creative, etc. I am a mood dresser and find it hard to plan ahead because of it. I don't confuse my appearance with who I really am, just a symbol of it. In itself it means nothing & is rather shallow, which is probably why I feel like it needs to be in line with how I feel, so that it is not just frivolity.

    I don't relate to the competitive aspect of the 4 nor the conscious contrivance to be different. To me, I am not striving to be different, I am just taking the risk to be me with little apology. I am not trying to outdo anyone nor be more special. I'm not threatened by other offbeat dressers. I admire them & freely compliment them. I don't have any problem telling them where I shop or got a certain item. There's a tad bit of smugness in there; I feel like even if they own the same item or shop at the same place, they still aren't going to do it like me. That smugness is there if I am copied also. I'm flattered, not annoyed, but there is this self-satisfaction at knowing I was the original.

    I admit I feel sort of dead in too plain clothing. In my head, I need to feel like I am wearing something in tune with who I am and how I feel at that moment, whether or not anyone else acknowledges it as good or unique or extraordinary. If I can't do this, then I feel almost unbearably repressed.

    I've also always had a sense of invisibility and being a quiet person has exacerbated that. I always knew I was loved, but I don't always know if I felt people were really interested in me as an individual. I also felt alienated from people, like I was always looking in from the outside. I don't like attention really, but it's also my way of communicating to dress "loud" at times. It's forcing my existence to be acknowledged.

    I think I want people to pick up on who I really am, that under my often reserved, neutral, and probably a tad boring demeanor that I am an interesting, creative individual. I think I'm trying to draw the "right" people to me, but not consciously. My conscious attitude is "I am just being myself". I don't get dressed with an idea of how it will impact others, unless it's like a job interview. I mostly think about how I feel in it, and if it suits my image of myself.

    As for the 4 wings, the only aspect of the 3 I relate to is sometimes being overdressed, but that's easy to do in the USA. My ex was 3w4 and while his 4 wing added a touch of quirkiness and desire to be different, he was much more preppy and sophisticated than I am. I like almost an element of chaos in my outfits.

    The 5 aspect I relate to is that while I may wear something a bit odd that garners attention, I still gravitate towards pockets and things I can semi-hide in. I like functional details also. I think the 5 wing can add a "dark side" to the 4 style also. I also get emotionally attached to my clothes; I have trouble tossing anything unless it's totally worn out (even then, I mend a lot).

    I think my sp/sx stack adds a level of obliviousness to my social appropriateness or forgetting to even consciously consider of how people will react. I'm a shy person, but I've never felt like I am given unwanted notice via my dress. I feel like when I dress plain, I am gawked at just as much (and I'm not really gawked at; I just feel conspicuous when not alone at home). The simultaneous invisible yet conspicuous feeling is hard to explain...

    I read this comment from Shirley Manson (of the band Garbage, and a 4w5 ENFP) recently, and it resonated with me up until the last line:
    It’s funny, I never thought of myself as particularly fashionable. I always looked at what everybody else was doing and wanted to do the opposite. I always wanted to stand apart from everybody. I think that has defined pretty much every choice I’ve made. I was a middle child, you know? I had two other sisters, so I was always afraid of never being seen or heard—of having my identity swallowed up by something else—so I never wanted clothes that spoke for me. I wanted to be the one who spoke.
    I relate to this except I DO want my clothes to speak for me sometimes because I find indirect expression easier (even writing qualifies as "indirect" for me, as compared to speaking). Maybe this is because I am an introvert. I think this is why it's important that I craft my look, that it's not created to suit someone/something else. I feel like my voice and identity would be stolen otherwise.

    Do you think your MBTI type plays any role also?
    In short, yes. I think there's a Fi focus on individuality and what is aesthetic appealing to you, a Ne draw to novelty, etc.
    Often a star was waiting for you to notice it. A wave rolled toward you out of the distant past, or as you walked under an open window, a violin yielded itself to your hearing. All this was mission. But could you accomplish it? (Rilke)

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    In general, I can relate to what the description says about 6's. I do pretty much not like to stand out too much. Not to say that I like to be trendy--I just don't like to draw attention to myself because of my outfits or go to too much extremes. I'm repelled by anything shiny--whether it's a shirt or jewelry. Even if I would like it otherwise, I just won't wear it.

    This is in contrast to a value I have that it's good to display your individuality. I don't feel comfortable if I'm totally and completely blending in. I've actually had some inner turmoil over my outfits because of this conflict! (It sounds kinda silly to me when I read this, but since clothing is part of how you express yourself, I think it's at least worth mulling over.) I don't know if this is related to enneagram or MBTI; I suspect it's just my own preference. I've always been a little bit drawn to a more "gothic" style of dress (at the risk of sounding like I'm still in high school), even though I never was a "goth" by a long shot. I do wear more black and dark colors than most people. So a lot of my outfit choices are about me walking the fine line of making people see my own taste that doesn't totally go with what's trendy or even what most people are wearing, and then not going further than that and not standing out beyond that.

    I think my 5 wing comes out in that it's rare that I really notice trends. I had no idea what an ugg boot was way beyond when most people thought it was a staple. I had to force myself to pay attention to things like that once I got into situations where I needed to give off certain impressions (like work or religious services). Also, I relate to the 5 description of not getting "bogged down" by jewelry (again, only if it's for things I have to dress up for). Then I take it off as soon as I get home.

    I also think the 6 description leaves out the counter-phobic variety. I have, in counter-phobic moods, went to places deliberately wearing something I knew would attract attention for being inappropriate.

    Also, I know this isn't the point of the descriptions, but I can't stand beige. Or any "middle of the road" colors. I'm actually annoyed that my avatar is gray. The picture is the one I've most related to in my search so far, so I'll have to live with it for now. But yeah, I don't own a single thing that's anything near beige.
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    I hate to say it, but 6 and 5 describe my clothing pretty well. Once in a while, I'll wear an oddball bright shirt or bandana, but I do have to be in the mood for it.

    Functional clothing? I love cargo pants because of their pockets, and my jacket (a biker jacket) has a freakin' carabiner on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    6 - earthy, coordinating, stylish without being overdone, complementing
    7 - cheery, bright colors from nature, outdoorsy, fun, flirty
    That is fairly accurate. I tend to wear flowing, feminine clothing. I like royal blue, soft aqua, emerald green, olive, gold, muted tangerine, ruby, scarlet, wine, lavender, deep violet, black, deep chocolate brown, and pure white.

    I could also easily pass for 9 (relaxed, repetitive, elements from nature, harmonious, bohemian).

    Quote Originally Posted by senza_tema
    And finally ... I like the 1 aesthetic (based on your summary at least) but somehow manage to end up making them look untidy on me. Must be the sheer force of my personality.
    I have found the exact same thing. When I was at school and spending much time with my e3 friend, I attempted a few times to mimic her style, which was characterized by smooth lines, sharp hems, attention-pulling, and perfectly accessorized classic pieces. It bothered me that I could never seem to have my hair, makeup, clothing, shoes, and accessories so perfectly put together as she managed - she would always seem to find some fault with my outfits. Later I discovered that I could look just as put-together and elegant, but I had to go about it in my own way... I am better off in a long black skirt and intricate, flowing top with some delicate silver jewelry and loose hair, rather than trying to be so polished. Incidentally, even when she wears sundresses, she looks almost professional! Our personality seems to be an "aura" that affects how we carry ourselves and our clothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skylights View Post
    I have found the exact same thing. When I was at school and spending much time with my e3 friend, I attempted a few times to mimic her style, which was characterized by smooth lines, sharp hems, attention-pulling, and perfectly accessorized classic pieces. It bothered me that I could never seem to have my hair, makeup, clothing, shoes, and accessories so perfectly put together as she managed - she would always seem to find some fault with my outfits. Later I discovered that I could look just as put-together and elegant, but I had to go about it in my own way... I am better off in a long black skirt and intricate, flowing top with some delicate silver jewelry and loose hair, rather than trying to be so polished. Incidentally, even when she wears sundresses, she looks almost professional! Our personality seems to be an "aura" that affects how we carry ourselves and our clothing.
    Yeah, even setting the wild, untamable hair aside, I also have a softer, slightly messy vibe that refuses to be beaten into submission. I always had problems colouring inside the lines as a kid. I guess my aura is the same way.

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    Uhh... let's see what I wore this past week:

    Fuschia cami, lime green cardigan, dark blue jeggings
    Lime green tank top, tight hot pink mesh t-shirt, pleather biker jacket, latex leggings
    Purple hoodie, red t-shirt, black leggings

    I can't remember the rest, but lately, it's been hoodies, leggings, and fuck-all. Choosing winter clothing is god-restricting.

    Layering? No, thanks. I prefer bright, form-fitting clothes in solid colors. Lots of short shorts and skirts with long socks. Dance apparel stores and American Apparel are perfect.

    Also, I like clothes, but I hate shopping. I might notice trends, but other than big statement accessories, I don't really buy much that's not in my eyes timeless. My favorite pieces are a $5 stretchy long-sleeved red t-shirt that fits amazingly, and a teal satin jacket.

    Two's have a lot and wear a lot. They mix fabrics and styles regularly. They mix silk and leather, modern and vintage. They aren't afraid to go big, either... Rarely will you find a Two in a plain old t-shirt and jeans.

    I'm a 3wSomething SX. You really could go either way.

    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    I admit I feel sort of dead in too plain clothing.
    Yes. A 6w7 friend who went shopping with me said, "You wear the brightest-ass things. Do you ever wear like white or gray?" Hahahaha, actually, I don't. White is too blank and gray isn't as crisp as black. She also pointed out how I notice cute stuff on like, the top shelf out of the corner of my eye and really take that for granted.

    Although, unlike you, I do see sort of a competition. Not necessarily in being outlandish, but in showing off my sizeable artistic talent at major school functions like pep rallies, homecoming, where students typically wear all the same thing.

    That's why I was god-pissed when I found out the Glowcoming dress code involved wearing the t-shirt, fully intact, no cutting it or modifying it. I figured the most obnoxious way I could technically abide by the rules is to fold down the top, wrap it around like a tube dress, and lace up the back.
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    I don't like to draw attention to myself, so I tend to try to dress in fairly plain clothes (mostly casual/business casual - I don't care for jeans, but I do like cargo pants and plain t-shirts) with an emphasis on comfort. I'm very consious of wearing anything with a logo on it - if I'm doing it to promote a friend's business or my place of employment thats one thing, but I go out of my way not to give the benefit of free advertising to companies I don't have an interest in promoting. If I were to dress how I wanted without regard to costs or the judgements it might bring on me, I would like to dress in fine clothes from a bygone era such as victorian clothes or maybe something from the 1920s. There are also times where if I could I'd go around wearing a wizard's or druid's robe and all the appropriate accessories to go with it, but in my normal day to day life, 5 is probably closest to how I actually dress. A cloak is something I'd like to be able to get away with wearing too - I've actually seen a few people wear cloaks in public and I like the look, but its very rare, so that would certainly draw more attention that I'd be comfortable with. Some of that may be 4ish, but after reading the more detailed descriptions, I think 5 seems te closest, but I would like to dress more 1 or 2ish more often if I could afford it and get past the notion of drawing attention to myself based on what I'm wearing.
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    i'm always somewhat dressy but still casual...right now i'm wearing a pretty dress over jeans and ballet flats. i don't change my outfits much in the winter i just wear what i wear in the summer but put put it over jeans and grab a lil sweater haha

    i do like layers and interesting prints...i guess you could say i lean a bit bohemian...which i guess fits the 9 description more??
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    I'm pretty low-key and casual, but I'm also not the best arbiter for what matches and what doesn't - even today, my mother gives me a bit of advice in that area (hey, she sells clothes!).

    I don't object to bighter colors, though - in fact, I've been told I should wear brighter clothing due to my face already being a bit "dark". Red and blue is a combination I'm particularly fond of.
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    1 - classic, simple, refined, geometric lines, minimalist, modest
    9 - relaxed, repetitive, elements from nature, harmonious, bohemian
    My usual-ware tends to be of this nature.
    Casual-ware or full-on suit.

    Colors: Dark-Red/Blue/Green, Darker Grey, Black, White, Orange (just because I've been trying to add more colors.)

    I do wear color, I just don't mix and match excessively (like red shirt, red socks, slightly red shoes.... god that is excessive matching!) I generally go with more mild darker tones when I wear color (with darker red probably being the boldest.)

    Typical Casual: Jeans with [x] color shirt (and jacket if it is cold.)

    Typical Formal: Not too showy suit with a striped tie (of similar color to the dress shirt.)

    The only exception:
    I do like red, I guess it is because it feels like it's a supplement to myself. I guess 2's description work.

    "a symbol of unconditional devotion to life… the color of fire … and also has aggressive features: it is assigned to Mars, the god of war, and to passion"

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