Ninja Warrior!

Okay, my husband made me look at this show and I didn't want to look, but now that I have seen it I am hooked,lol. The show in America is called NINJA WARRIOR on the G4 channel. In Japan it is called Sasuke.

It is amazing. These contestants really go through obstacles and feats that you can see a real live ninja having to do or having to be able to do. There are four courses and 100 contestants at a time and only 7 or 8 get past the first one,lol!

There has been 2000 contestants so far and only 2 people have fully completed it and have gotten the title of Ninja Warrior.

A person can't just be buff and have raw strength alone, they have to have agility and flexibility as well. You basically have to be a perfect physical specimen to win this thing.

The Japanese commentaters and sport announcers are hilarious as well and it is subtitled in English.

The video link below shows one of the two guys who has ever beaten it-he makes it look easy but it is no where near as easy as he makes it look,lol.

MySpaceTV: Ninja Warrior: Makoto Nagano by Animecollecter