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    I can't decide which is more difficult, to be honest. However, the condition of one usually affects the other in my experience. If I've done something that is mentally fatiguing my body usually follows suit (and vice-versa).

    I have a deep respect for those who make a living via physical labor. It's something I don't think I am personally fit for. My father is a blue-collar worker; he works for an electric company as a lineman. He works outside 5 days a week (not counting on-calls), hot or cold, rain or shine. I probably would have collapsed and died if I were in his position. (Oddly enough, he likes his job lol)
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    intellectual effort can be quite draining for me, especially when its something that does not naturally arouse my curiosity\ interest. On the other hand though, intellectual effort at my own leisure does not tax me. Recently, I've been self studying Differential Equations course because I need it to accomplish another goal of mine, after about 5hrs of straight study, I feel really mentally drained and empty. I need change once in a while, I can't follow a routine for a very long period as such lifestyle taxes me very heavily. I think I'm naturally more suited for intellectual labor.

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