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Thread: Type me, please?

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    Okay, thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mellanae View Post
    Type 5>9>4>6 (5w4, spsx) Enneagram, right?
    How exactly do you determine that, and what does the 'w' between the two numbers mean? And the 'spsx'?
    That's my Enneagram type. And it is quite an accurate description of me, if you put it together with the INFP type description.
    I'm a Type 5 with a Type 4 wing (W stands for wing). SP stands for Self-Preservation variant, while SX stands for Sexual variant.

    My test gave me 5>9>4>6, which means that I'm 5w4.
    If my first number is 5, then I'm either a 5w4 or a 5w6.
    4 is stronger than 6, so I'm 5w4.
    scroll down to the first post to find the link to the Enneagram test.

    You can find the test to the instinctual variants there too (SP, SO, SX).

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    Okay, thank you :]

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