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Thread: Ender's Game *SPOILERS*

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    Ender - INFJ.


    Everything about the way he operates is based on a complete understanding of other people/entities, which leads to a heightened capacity to empathise with them, but also the knowledge of how to defeat them. He doesn't generate possibilities so much as answers, and he's absolutely person-focused rather than focused on impersonal things.

    Also, the way he shifts his perception of directions screams Ni to me - I do that all the time, in non-null gravity.

    So, definitely NiFe or FeNi, I think. I'd guess NiFe because he's more obviously N than he is F (he's at least somewhat balanced on T/F).


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    I love the Ender series

    Bean is definitely INTJ.
    Ender is INxx.
    Peter is ENTJ.
    Valentine is INFx.
    Petra is ENTx.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystic Tater View Post
    What is your reasoning?
    Actually, Petra strikes me as more of an ENTP. But maybe not.
    Hm, you may be right about Petra. I'll change to ENTP on that one.

    Ender seems INFJ over INFP to me; he's quite organized in his plans, and his Feeling seems to be far more extroverted than introverted.

    Peter and Achilles don't seem to be arguable on the ENTJ, honestly. Do you have any counter arguments?

    Bean is INTJ -- introverted, intuitive, thinking, and I'd say extroverted over introverted for Thinking -- he always focuses on implementable ideas.

    Valentine seems more poetic and introverted with her Feeling. And clear INF.

    It's pretty hard to argue for types anyway, I mainly just go with my intuition.

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    Yeah, I can see INFJ for Ender now. Man, he's so awesome.

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    :ouch: ok sour infj

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    Ender I'd say INxJ. I think he's Ni-dom, and am leaning more towards INFJ. Throughout the book he was sort of set apart from his siblings as having that more compassionate, people-oriented nature (which his brother Peter lacked, and thus Peter was passed up), but not dominantly feeling-oriented (which would be Fi, Valentine, who was also passed up)

    Peter total ENTJ

    Valentine INFP
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    I'm reading "Ender's Shadow" right now.
    I'd say I agree with cascadeco on the Wiggins.

    Ender: INFJ (tough to say because Orson Scott Card clearly tries to make Ender extremely extraordinary.. even more so than the genetically altered Bean. Ender uses Ni and Fe well to deal with people..also has well-developed Ti.)
    Bean: INTJ (what else? just read "Ender's Shadow")
    Peter: ENTJ (healthy Te but weak (or nonexistent) Fi)
    Valentine: INFP (definitely!!)
    Petra: ESTP (She's stronger on tactics than strategy.)
    Achilles: ENFJ (very unhealthy Fe..)
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    Enneagram Type: 3w4 sp/sx

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    I think Bean is an ISTJ

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    Just read these books. What do you guys think of Nikolai? Or any of the adult characters, like Graff or Sis Carlotta?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ginkgo View Post
    The author, Orson Scott Card, actually based Ender off of his own son.
    Card strikes me as an INTP.

    I don't think Ender was an S because the author described his test taking abilities and computer hacking skills as intuitive. Ender was also described as "being able to look at the big picture", and "less concerned with the details". On the other hand, Bean had even higher scores, and he was able to hack into the Battle School's entire infrastructure.

    Bean is definitely INTJ.

    Ender is your cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill, intelligent calculating self-contained ISTP.

    Quote Originally Posted by Happyman View Post
    I've just head a great Eureka moment!

    I think he's an ISTP!
    That would explain all I've said about him, how he behaves during the fights, it would also explain great tactical thinking! And empowerment of his 'soldiers'. Two greatest generals of II WW were ISTPs: Patton and Rommel. They were not 'whole map strategists' like ENTJ Eisenhower, yet they were unbeaten on smaller scale.
    And as for his 'F-ness', well author just had to do him more likeable.

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