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Thread: What Jesus, Horus And Many Other Gods Had In Common

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beorn View Post
    Lol. What the text says has no bearing on whether or not you think Christ was born of a virgin let alone whether he was born at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    There's no progressive revelation or theological or religious amalgamation in Christianity, definitely not in Roman Catholicism, what you're probably talking about is how being a universal creed in different cultural contexts the faith was able to approximate something akin to multiculturalism, its not the same thing as you are suggesting however.

    I read a lot of this sort of thing, its usually accompanied with a sort of excited idea that it validates atheism or at the very least invalidates Christianity or Catholcism or whatever, I read one of Dawkin's books once and it was a lot like that, there are literally, generations of scholarism which stacks up favourably against things like this, which once you've done the reading looks like exactly what it is, the confirmation bias of people who dont do much research anyway.
    True, I haven't done much research.

    As the Romans conquered other regions, those regions' administration language became that of the Romans. I only imagined that to successfully absorb them, as part of the process of administration language, the culture/religion would also be absorbed. There is nothing I can point to that will prove it, however I would think that would assist in why there are so many factions of Christianity and end up breaking away to form their own version of it.

    I am in no way trying to disprove Christianity.

    So yes, I am agreeing with you and I am probably repeating what you said. Oh well.

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