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    Default Why are NT's so rare as the main characters?

    The main character is usually a SP and SJ.

    NT are usually the evil scientist or the smart guy in a group. Why is this?

    The Researcher

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    Your second sentence answers your third sentence.
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    INTPs are notoriously passive characters -- they serve better as sources of information or eccentric SME's.

    ENTJs are stereotypical organized and efficient world-class villains. (Notice too how heroes are generally reactive? They are trying to stop a villain from doing something? Hence ENTJ make better villains than heroes in Western stories.)

    ENTPs are engaging but can be all over the place and unfocused; they seem to make better friends and sidekicks.

    I would say it's most common for INTJs to show up as story heroes -- they have direction, they have vision, and they have focus.
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    Easier to write for. There's an old saying "write what you know". I assume this is the same reason we're just now seeing proper representation in fiction.

    However the NT main character isn't as rare as those even. I can rattle off a list of Superheroes, detectives, Scientist dragged into bad situations by their expertise (A favorite of Roland Emmerich)... I don't know if those are genre's you have an interest in though. Now these are all up for debate, but for myself typing is an art not a science, and I'm not going to specify what type I believe they are, because fuck that. I do think they fit under the NT umbrella though.

    Reed Richards is the first that comes to mind, he's the leader of the Fantastic Four and dubiously the smartest man in the Marvel Universe.
    There's also Tony Stark himself, who is famously the star at the start of one of the highest grossing film franchises created if not the highest in the last decade.
    There's Sherlock Holmes himself, and all of his incarnations throughout the time of his inception.
    Speaking of Inception... Actually no I hated that movie. I feel as if Leonardo's character Cobb was one. I don't remember enough about that film
    In the series Runaways before it the twist spoiler ending of the first story the leader of that group was Alex Wilder.
    One of the most important characters in the entire Godzilla franchise is Dr. Serizawa, the creator of the only thing that can kill the great lizard, the Oxygen Destroyer. His actions are the most important only after Godzilla himself of the entire film.
    Lelouch from Code Geass I've heard famously called an NT. I haven't seen the show because... I don't want to.
    Like I said, many characters from Roland Emmerichs films. Nick Tattopolis from Godzilla 97, The father and son from The Day after Tomorrow, Jeff Goldblooms character in Independance Day...

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    three musketeers? *shrugs* not as rare as you may think, though obviously not predominant... *walks off*
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    I think of myself as the main character of a story and there are 3 possibilities:

    A) nothing EVER happens

    B) I should react to some event and I don't, or I react in a way that is strange and everybody says WTF, nad everything continues its course as if I didn't exist

    C) I want to react, so I start thinking of all the possible things I could do, and by the time I make up my mind, I'm 90 and the problem solved itself (or came another type and solved it for me).

    I don't know if the character is NT, but the book Notes from the Underground by Dostoyevsky is what would happen: nothing, a wordless soliluquy. And nobody likes that book

    I do believe there are some INTJ characters here and there. I don't know about ENTPs, but for some reason I imagine them chatting with the villain and while explaing them why they're wrong, unconsciously involve themselves in the villain's plan, ruin the city, then run the mayhem group in the underground slums, make a bible explode into fireworks and run naked yelling "I did it!" and then disappear to never been seen again. It'd be fun to watch.
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    Theres tons of ENTJ/P representation in movies. The prejudice isn't really against NT types but against introverts (and to a lesser extent thinkers) because they just aren't very good sources of external and visible action and drama. When I think of movies with introverted thinkers as main characters I think of boring oscar bait and indie flicks.

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    INTJ MCs: about 20 minutes in before they say "fuck it" and start devising ways to ruin the entire setup. Throw in a complaint or a side glance every time someone is incompetent for flavour.
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    — Samuel Beckett, Endgame

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    "Why are NT's so rare as the main characters?"

    Because we don't have to audition for a role to rule the world, lead it into peace, or bring about its ruin.

    Jokes aside, you wouldn't like your movie to end as fast as it began. In the instance you're mentioning, you enjoy the experience, the ups and downs, the intrigue, the emotional drama, the character development, the Deus Ex Machina, the closure, the apotheosis,...etc. Therfore, unless you want to enjoy 10 seconds micro-movies or half a sentence novels, I see no use to summon NT bastards.
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    Most fictional characters aren't depicted in enough detail or a sufficient number of situations to be typed. Thus the question is moot...unless perhaps re-phrased "Why are NT traits so rare in main characters?"
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