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Thread: How are you different from the typical representative of your type

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nijntje View Post
    Hmmmm.. This is very me, yet i am almost certain i am very much an INFP...

    (just to deviate from topic)
    Well I think it's rather INP in general. Probably slightly more T than F, but I don't think it would definitely mean one way,
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    "It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tabula View Post
    Oh goddamnit. Just when I think I finally figured it out, I read something[s] that prompt a reevaluation.

    Is INFJ v. INTP confusion a common one?

    If INTP:

    Everything Jennifer stated previously + an awareness of atmospheric disharmony, which bothers me. Horrendous at maths (save for geometry, if ya wanna call that math.) Very demonstratively affectionate when in close relationships. I have trouble saying "no" to people. Won't voice opinions if I'm not completely sure of what I'm talking about (in the sense that I need to be extensively knowledgable regarding everything about an issue, not that I'm so sold on my convictions that I don't want to debate them.) I don't look, nor probably present, anything like one.

    If INFJ:

    Not people-oriented at all. I definitely don't identify with the "champion of the cause" thing either, nor the "natural counselor." In fact, I really don't care to hear your problems at all unless you're really close to me and you truly want [my] help. I'm pretty self-absorbed, actually. I'm not especially sensitive to criticism [more NF than INFJ-specific] but quick to feel incompetent, not personally hurt, if someone points out something I missed. Actually, I don't know if that qualifies as sensitivity or not. The only thing about [stereo]typical Jness I identify with is the want of closure; I don't need it, but I prefer it. Other than that, I'm messy, disorganized, procrastinating, habitually late, no sense of time, jump from project to project without completing any of them, need all information before making a decision, yada yada (yes, stereotypes, but meh.) Emphasis on logic and rationality (though, this isn't necessarily antithetical to INFJness.)

    You sound like an INFJ who puts emphasis on Ti as opposed to Fe. Ni users are much more likely to beat themselves up for missing something than Ne users, as Ni seeks to figure everything out on its own. Ne users often actively seek out constructive criticism of their ideas and adjust them accordingly.

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    i am more expressively giddy than other infps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Sherlock Holmes View Post
    Have you checked whether you're more Chart-the-course or behind the scenes?

    It's really difficult to say. I think I'm naturally the latter, but my job sort of requires me to do some directing (as much as I hate it) or everything would turn to shit. But I still don't know if directing is the right word. More like directing via informing? Forceful question asking? I also relate to the need to have a sense of what's going to happen before getting into a situation, though, I don't know if this is because of my anxiety, extremely high standards, or if I'm really chart-the-course. I just fucking hate groupwork, my job, and being in groups period, which is why I rarely if ever am.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksei View Post
    You sound like an INFJ who puts emphasis on Ti as opposed to Fe. Ni users are much more likely to beat themselves up for missing something than Ne users, as Ni seeks to figure everything out on its own. Ne users often actively seek out constructive criticism of their ideas and adjust them accordingly.
    This is what I'd initially concluded but Ni just confuses the shit out of me. But it's supposedly an extremely unconscious function anyway, right? I don't understand the "eureka" thing though, as I'm almost always aware of how I arrived at something; it doesn't pop out of nowhere. It's either that I thought Ti+Ne = Ni or that NiTi= Ti. I hate Fe, but I know it's there. It just feels so fake when I need to engage it, which is why I didn't think INFJ for a while, Fe being the aux. Tests threw me too. I've never tested anything but INTP, though that doesn't mean much. Cog funx were something like Ti>Ne>Ni=Si>Te>Fi>Fe>........Se. It's difficult to tell in that I'm really lacking data. I've been a loner mostly my entire life. I literally don't have friends or relationships. I really really prefer being alone, so it's hard to ascertain how I interact naturally with people, given that I'm so painfully aware of myself when in social situations to the point where anything I do feels contrived because I'd so much rather not be there. Meh...

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    Don't know if I said this in this thread, but I'm not as detailed as most SJs. I tend to get irritated if we get stuck in unnecessary details- arguing over a point that means nothing in the big picture to either party.

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    I wonder if this is where the Enneagram can help people understand some of their reactions and/or behaviors outside of their MBTI typing. Especially the type stacking system.

    My sx/sp tendencies generally encourage stronger emotional connections with close friends than what is usually considered the norm for INTJs or INTPs, both of which I relate to.
    INTP - Ti > Ne > Te > Ni > Fi > Se > Fe > Si

    I am not a Strange Loop, for I will always grow and mature.

    Society is a Strange Loop, preventing us from growing and maturing.

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    I don't use many emoticons.

    I don't put up with condescending people (I can't believe how many ENFPs say they've dated someone who looked down on them intellectually, or regularly called them stupid... f@#k that!!!).
    I feel like if someone was very condescending to me we wouldnt get along, I dont like when people judge people although I am somewhat of a hypocrite (Mines I keep to myself).

    Also I dont update my status's on facebook, twitter other social networks alot.

    Dont speak feelings (that may just be negative feelings because I can recall speaking about being happy often)

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    I am susceptible to doe eyes.
    Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung tonight.


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    As an INFP

    I used to be different because I stopped trusting myself and the point of reference was different.

    As an INFP
    I continue to be different because I started trusting myself and the point of reference is uniquely my own.

    Well if you want me to elaborate, why didn't you say so. And truth tell its more about what shaped me in my life that has created the differences and attitudes in my personality towards the ones that are engendered in others of my personality preference. And that means my reactions weren't about how introverted was I or how little. Nor was this about how intuitive I was or wasn't. But about how I felt about myself or didn't, and how much I discriminated judgmentally against myself or didn't in the face of reality.

    While it is true my introversion needs recharging, and that my intuition when switched on tends to flow beautifully well. It is with my emotions that strangely I've had the most trouble and have learned to stop them as it is uncharacteristically unnatural to express with any kind of emotional intelligence with my family and in turn this belief translated to my core beliefs. And that is I misunderstood the reason this function existed. And then I reinforced my prejudices with my discrimination in my personal judgments. This means that I was unable to relate to anyone based on experience because I thought I had none, I stopped being a creator of my energy and started to be a dismissor of my energy instead.

    And all of a sudden I feel like myself more and more.

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    I'm not into debating. It takes too much effort and I really couldn't care less.
    Enneagram: 5w4 5-9-2 (5w4 9w1 2w1) sp/so

    "Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience." - Greg King
    The worst mistake people make in political arguments is assuming that the other side is not trying to do the right thing. This simple oversight makes productive conversation nearly impossible.

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