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Thread: Personified types

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    ESTP announces the top three of the typewatching part.

    I have the impression this comic is too long and too difficult (with those disguises...) for people new to MBTI. If the goal of the comics is to make an introduction...
    I've got a general idea for "introduction" comics:
    - they should be short (3-frame like Garfield or Dilbert)
    - they should feature only 2 or 3 types
    - the types should have name tags
    - there should not be a "story" like in this one, but just the types interacting in a easily recognizable situation.

    I'll finish this one first, though!

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    I like the idea of each strip featuring only two or three types because then we can see their interactions more in depth. This comic is fun though! I like that INFP was dressed up as ESTJ. I am still curious to know who everyone was. You've revealed most of them but not all, it seems.

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    I thought everyone was revealed now. Just to be sure, here's the list:

    ESTJ - witch with ribbon on hat
    ESFJ - witch with pentragram
    ISTJ - wizard with stars on hat
    ISFJ - wizard with black hat

    ENTJ - robot
    ENTP - the unknown
    INTJ - knight
    INTP - alien

    ESTP - skeleton
    ESFP - witch with spider on hat
    ISTP - ghost
    ISFP - frankenstein monster

    ENFJ - good fairy (not a witch!)
    ENFP - djinn
    INFJ - mad scientist

    And... here is the very last page of the halloween comic. Hope you enjoyed it!

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