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    Default How many Determinants of Health do you have in your life right now?

    Okay. To make this sort of easier I'll list some general parameters, guess as best you can based on it. Let me know your thoughts too.

    Basically, there's a list out there of the 6 main determinants of good health published by the Washington Center for Nursing. One is not more valuable than the other on the list.

    - Food
    - Exercise
    - Employment
    - Health Insurance
    - Education
    - Supportive Family

    Score yourself based on my arbitrary made up scoring system and let me know what you make! Measure this based on the last ... oh.. Month of your life. Even if you're going to get 'better' tomorrow, look at the previous month of your life and see.

    - 0 points if you can only get access to food as it becomes available to you for free. This does not count if you live with someone who feeds you for free all the time.
    - 1 point if you eat once a day because you must or most of the food in your diet is low quality food (i.e. lots of eating out, no vegetables, high amounts of sugar, etc. You know if you eat horribly all the time or not.)
    - 2 points if you eat 1-6 meals a day out of choice and most of the food in your diet is a balance of healthy and unhealthy foods. (this is the average person. Eating ice cream right after a salad and all that jazz.)
    - 3 points if you eat 3-6 meals a day, monitor your nutrition intake, and most of the food in your diet is what you consider to be clean/healthy eating for your age group. (No arguments about if someone's diet is cleaner/better than another's. This is subjective.)

    - 0 points if you live an entirely sedentary life and do not drink at least 1 glass of water.
    - 1 point if your lifestyle allows for/forces light/mild exercise (like walking/biking to work which is close by, gardening because you like flowers, etc.) but does not put emphasis on exercise for the sake of it in with your daily routine and you drink adequate fluids, but not necessarily water alone. You may exercise 1-2x a week, but frequently forget or quit exercise routines.
    - 2 points if you take time out of your day to integrate exercise/activity into your life at least 2-3x a week, and try to drink adequate water throughout the day even if you didn't succeed yesterday.
    - 3 points if you exercise on a routine or have an exercise group you participate in, and you succeed in getting adequate hydration most days.

    - 0 points if you are not employed, going to school full time, or doing at least part-time volunteer work.
    - 1 point if you are employed part time at a job that is not a career, going to school part time, or doing volunteer work part time.
    - 2 points if you go to school full time, are working in a job that makes you happy and/or have started a new career, or you do volunteer work in a field you enjoy.
    - 3 points if you have an established career, are attending school to further your current career, or are a part of a non-profit organization on a regular basis.

    Health Insurance:
    - 0 points if you have no access to care, do not attend free clinics, and are in a state of health that requires care of some sort but have not. (This includes dental work.)
    - 1 point if you do not have access to care, but attend free clinics when you need something and occasionally cough up money for an emergency.
    - 2 points if you do not have access to adequate care, but may have health insurance, and you may have to pay out of pocket for some things.
    - 3 points if you adequate access to health care for your needs.

    - 0 points if you have not been actively learning anything on a consistent basis in the last month and did not complete high school. Or you have completed high school but have actively avoided educational pursuits outside of it (i.e. not reading any books, etc.)
    - 1 point if you graduated high school and do some educational pursuits out of fun (reading books, khan academy, free lessons at libraries, learning a new language in your spare time, went to college for a while, etc.)
    - 2 points if you attended community college/technical training/apprenticeships of any sort after high school or in lieu of finishing high school.
    - 3 points if you achieved a degree from a university of any sort.

    Supportive Family:
    - 0 points if you do not consider yourself someone with any friends or family in your life that support you.
    - 1 point if you have a family member or 1-2 friends that truly supports you (these friends had have been in your life at least 1 year already). (If your family is only your husband, extend this to your extended family.. inlaws, your parents, etc.)
    - 2 points if you have a circle of friends OR if many of the members of your family support you.
    - 3 points if BOTH your circles of friends and many family members support you.

    0-6 points = man that sucks.
    7-10 points = Not in great health but not in the "man that sucks" bracket either
    11-14 points = Average citizens of society.
    15-18 = Super healthy yo!

    If you don't like my scale too bad because it's super unscientific and made up on the fly. Have fun!
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    only lost points because I don't really have many people I'd consider friends
    “Oh, we're always alright. You remember that. We happen to other people.” -Terry Pratchett

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    I scored 12, average minus a few relationships.
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    My bike ride today was not a huge success. Hopefully I'll be able to make it to the shop tomorrow to get my rear wheel trued. Again.
    1w2-6w5-3w2 so/sp

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    17 (I don't have an "estabilished" career at the moment)
    ENTj 7-3-8 sx/sp

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    Need to monitor my eating and exercise more.

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    Average diet in small portions, lots of walking but no deliberate sport, good health insurance, university degree and supportive but small social circle.
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