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Thread: Do we project an image of our anima?

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    I imagine I project on image of exaggerated competence, or of someone with an unusually clear sense of direction, which is, of course, misleading. My gait is precise and eye contact is generally avoided when commuting from one place to another. My interactions are dull and unengaging, marked by a debilitating self-consciousness which could possibly be interpreted as arrogance.

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    I was also thinking about ENFPs and how they are similar but in reverse. Visually speaking, it seems to me that some ENFPs will come off as a hardy, hardworking, well put together person, when a lot of them seem to complain about how their lives are complete chaos.

    ^^^^Both for me, feedback indicates this as well... It's more like vacillating between the two than all at the same time though... It's part of our growth process. (The growth process that never progresses)I didn't understand the gazing upon the icon of sin part. Is that what we do to you? I DO NOT LIKE ESTPS.D-:< WE do not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AzulEyes View Post
    For me as an ENFP- I wear my heart on my sleeve. I suck at poker as you will always know what's in my hand. I'm a horrible liar.
    Hard to believe.
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