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Thread: Instructions On How To Create Threads In Celebrity Types

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    Default Instructions On How To Create Threads In Celebrity Types

    This Celebrity

    Click to see how to create polling threads

    There have been a number of questions on how to create threads in the celebrity type forum. The purpose of this post is to explain exactly how to do it. It's important to follow the directions because otherwise the poll won't show up properly on the home page.


    Step 1: REPLY WITH QUOTES to this thread

    Step 2: Copy in this exact example below into your clipboard:

    Vince Lombardi

    You Must Be Registered To Vote

    Step 3: Create a new thread and paste in what you just copied into your clipboard

    Step 4: Edit the Vince Lombardi example you just copied into the OP and put in information for the person you wish to be typed

    - Replace "Vince Lombardi" with the name of the Celebrity you wish to type
    - Replace the Vince Lombardi Wikipedia link with a link to the wikipedia entry for the Celebrity you wish to type
    - replace what is between the [img]image here[/img] brackets with a link the .jpg file of the person you want to type; pick a photo that has more height than width or it will get squished when it shows up

    Step 5: Include supporting details to help the person voting to determine their type. The best thing is to have a video where they are opening up about themselves and their lives. Many celebrities do interviews for talk shows that are jokey and fluffy to promote their latest movie, book, etc. Those aren't always the best examples because the interviewer is doing a lot of the talking and the celebrity is just trying to promote their new thing - so there is no depth. The best example of an interviewer who gets to know someone is Charlie Rose, so if you keep in mind that you want someone who asks good questions and allows the celebrity to talk, you can get find good interviews.
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    Okay, I'm not sure I'm up for the extensive process of going through this. But could you do it for me? The celebrities I wanted to know about were:
    Tom Selleck (my guess is INFJ)

    Nathan Lane (my guess is ESFJ)

    Bob Saget (my guess is ENTP)
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