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Thread: The Pick Up Artist

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainChick View Post
    Well that show was incredibly lol-worthy and now there's gonna be a season two.

    Do guys actually watch this show and take mental notes?

    I do not believe you can manufacture charm, charisma or social sincerity, (obviously) and I think that these things are what the show, or should I say "Mystery", (gag me with a jagged spoon) are trying to teach these clueless men.

    Any thoughts?
    I actually own Neil Strauss' book, but owned it before he started this show, so I'm no poser. In fact if you read his book it is more of a biography and how life sucks as a pick up artist if you read between the lines...

    And if you REALLY want to meet Mystery CC, I have a friend in Las Vegas who knows where he hangs out. I'm sure I can arrange something

    PUA's are entertaining as hell though on the psychology front...

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    I watched it too, altough I'm a girl.
    I think Mystery would be hot without the horrid hat and make-up. I mean, who the hell would date or even consider dating a gut like "Matador" or the other looser. At least Mystery looks pretty sexy. I'd do him if he was here.
    However, the show is dumb.

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    I agree that charm to a point that charm and charisma can't be manufactured to a point. What about having better social skills?

    I find the whole idea of dating to some extent lol-worthy! It's become a variation on saying "He, who dies with the most toys, wins."!
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