Extraverted Thinking

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Te Characteristics

As compared to those that use Introverted Thinking (Ti), individuals that use the cognitive function of Extraverted Thinking (Te) tend towards the following:

  • Focused on outcomes - typically end results and objective reality; e.g., does it work or doesn't it?
  • Asks is it logical? Does this thing make sense?
  • Uses measures to evaluate results - numbers, criteria, benchmarks, etc.
  • Brings facts in order to provide clarity
  • Deciding either/or - i.e. asks a question and expects a yes or no answer
  • As it is an external process, it tends to come across visibly and directly
  • Tends to focus on organizing, structuring or segmenting into parts - such as the development of sequential steps to complete an activity (Te types tend to be planners)
  • Can come across as blunt and binary by those who don't prefer the process