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Yukiko Amagi (INFJ) - Persona 4 MBTI Types


New member
Feb 21, 2013
Yukiko Amagi MBTI INFJ - Persona 4 MBTI

Yukiko INFJ - Persona 4 Myers-Briggs

Sharing this post with typology.

Yukiko is INFJ and here's the reasons why in depth.

Yukiko is calm, quiet, shy, introverted, to herself, mysterious, distant, emotional, caring, idealistic, future oriented, focused, decisive, organized, good at planning, and is very perceptive and intuitive girl. Yukiko is very shy as we all know. She's very hard to read and is always by herself unless she's with someone she trust like Chie and the others. She's very misunderstood like most INFJs and is very to herself and deep down wants to take life her own way. Her character arc starts off with her rejected traditions and past Si style burdens on her put on her by her family to take over the inn one day, its possible her parents and guardians might be SJs, especially since their so common in life. Yukiko doesn't care for tradition or her life being chosen for her and upholding the family name based on tradition of the family, this starts to point away from Si in her as a character. Of course theres plenty of Si users who don't always want tradition for themselves too and dont just blindly follow one if its wrong to them, plenty of Si users think for themselves and want to control there life. But based on how Yukiko is and how her character arc is written, she doesn't come across like a Si user at all and is much more of a Ni user in her demeanor and behavior.

Yukiko doesn't seem to care about traditions and past ways of doing things at all with how she is, even outside of her character arc here and just prefers to do her own thing and is very future oriented in her thinking and behavior in the game. She feels like a caged bird, hence the symbolism of her boss fight and shadow. She wanted someone to save her and take her away and wanted to runaway deep down and her problems. Some people might think this makes her a INFP and Fi user, but no INFJs are also common for having strong feelings inside too and being very insecure at times, I know this very well myself since I am on, a INFJ guy for me. Yukiko always is thinking about the collective and feeling peoples emotions outside of herself, she comforts Teddy and says I have to go but I promise I'll be back to be a good boy until then and pats him. She eventually overcomes her insecurity and wants to stop relying on others and wants people to rely on her now. She cares deeply for Chie and is always looking out for her when he can and the same for Chie too to her. She's very perceptive and intuitive, after they deduced females are the common victims in the early game she quickly understood and predicted that females connected in some way to Ms Yamono's case are being targeted she asked and figured out. She doubts much evidence would be left by the perpetrator for the police and definitely not a high schooler could find.

Yukiko is very decisive, focused, and organized. She doesn't come across scatter-brained like a Ne user or overly curious even if she is a curious intuitive person. She likes reading between the lines and looking at things behind the scenes. Yukiko is also always in her head with her Ni and even her Ti as well when she's trying to figure out how things work and inconsistencies somewhere she sees, Yukiko hates being in the moment most the time but she can be and uses her Se when she can. She's also emotionally supportive with her aux Fe and caring, she continues to call Teddy a good boy when they get back amusingly. INFJs and ISFJs are described to be the most extroverted introvert because of Fe, similar to the most introverted extroverts in ENFPs and ENTPs. Yukiko has a deep down quirky and goofy side to her, which I believe is common in INFJs just like myself again. Most INFJs don't show their full cards and sides to them for everyone, like I said were very mysterious and to ourselves most the time. Were not trying to be fake or anything we just dont feel comfortable around regular people and the general public and people we don't trust. INFJs just overthink things most the time and Yukiko is no different here.

When she does open up she's pretty extroverted at times for herself and even has a laughing quirk to her even if shes overall more introverted as a person and INFJ. She has a goofy side to her and has a great sense of humor. She loves wearing the funny nose glasses and urges others to put them on, she loves to laugh and can't stop laughing most the time when she starts. Its very cute and a amusing side to her and I like it as a apart of her character and definitely didn't expect that or that side to her, like most INFJs and what post people see when they become close to one. INFJs are like chameleons or onions, once you peel more away and see the full picture your more surprised and realize they act totally different from what you think or thought. Just the other day someone rudely said I'm a different type like a STJ or NFP, when I explained to them I'm a INFJ guy and known I've been one for over 10 years now and use Ni and Fe all the time. But enough on that rant, moving back onto Yukiko here, INFJs aren't always what they same and what you think, and I think Yukiko represents that perfectly here as a character.

As soon as she's uncomfortable she bottles up again and gets awkward all over again, which is common in INFJs. These behaviors are common in INFPs too but the style is different, especially with how Fi and Ne works. Yukiko has more INFJ behaviors and has that style here on how she behaves and acts in the game, the way she blushes and is embarrassed is very INFJ too in how she is and is more of a Ni Fe way if that part makes sense, just try to intuitively understand what I feel and mean here with the last two points and sentences written out. She's future oriented and wants people to depend on her, she decided not to take over the inn and that's final, and that she's going to become a internal decorator in the future and showcases she's been thinking about this awhile since she was saved by y'all and thinking about her future for a while since then and even thought about her future or course with worrying about it before she was saved by everyone and stressing out about her family imposed traditions on her. She's good at reading others with her Ni and Fe like when she could tell you didn't like her boxed lunch she gave you to eat. She thinks of your feelings a lot with her Fe and said "I'm sorry for dragging you around..." and apologizes too much like INFJs do. Your compliment quickly made her feel better and then you two finally went home. She cares about respect and manners with her Fe and is always saying things like thank you and caring about things like appreciation. Yukiko is a classic INFJ and Ni dom and Fe user and I hope this post helped you see that. Comment below if you agree or disagree and why, thanks for reading.