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Why Gon Freecss is (ENFP), and uses Ne and Si more over Se, - Hunter x Hunter MBTI


Feb 21, 2013
Gon MBTI - Gon Freecss is ENFP

Gon Freecss MBTI is ENFP - Hunter x Hunter MBTI

I posted this Gon Freecss ENFP post and argument I made a long time ago on the MBTI reddit and I'm really proud of it and love this post as a result through the years, I feel I fixed a lot of misconceptions people have with Gon's type and character with this and showed here how he uses Ne all the time, uses Si way more often than Se but still struggles with Si too to be an Si inferior user and acts very NF and is extremely idealistic as a character and NF as well in Hunter x Hunter. So I though like I did a long time ago with my Goku ENFP repost from reddit that I did awhile ago that I posted on PerC too, that I would post this one here as well. I'm gonna post this one one Personalitycafe and TypologyCentral both and see what people think and get their opinions on it and share it with both communities. Thanks for the support and feel free to share your opinions down below. Here's the link to the original post on Reddit too awhile back:

Why Gon Freecs is ENFP, and uses Ne primarily over Se - Hunter x Hunter MBTI : mbti

Here's a Myers-Briggs post of why Gon is ENFP with just developed sensing, particularly developed Si and is actually an Ne user and uses Ne all the time and is a Ne dom for sure as an ENFP and Si user to over Se which Gon doesn't use much of at all in the series actually. Hope you enjoy this Hunter x Hunter MBTI - Myers-Briggs typing post, share your thoughts and opinions on my Gon Freecss MBTI analysis down below.

So I decided I'm rewatching Hunter x Hunter again recently, and I haven't watched it in awhile but I know Gon's character and know he's ENFP and an Ne user with developed introverted sensing to help him survive in the Hunter world he's in. I'm going to write posts down below on why Gon Freecss is ENFP with just developed sensing but still Ne the whole series. I'm only on episode 2 on my rewatch right now, so I'm only gonna bring up a few points but even after 2 episodes I have perfect examples of his Ne and him being ENFP in the show, its already that obvious already so I'm gonna explain that down below. I'm going to update this post overtime as I watch the series so look forward to more content on why Gon is ENFP and uses Ne in the future, thanks.

Gon starts off the series heading off to be a hunter after catching the lord of the sea and his stepmom Mito tries to convince him not to be a hunter because the world is dangerous and his father left him for the hunter life instead of raising him. Gon proceeds to tell Mito isn't that amazing for him to do that and leave his son to be a hunter, it must be that amazing. Gon displays here that he's the type to at times ignore realistic facts thrown at him and instead be idealistic and give people chances and the benefit of the doubt to consider the possibilities of why Ging left in the first place, he completely ignores Ging's hurtful actions and gives him a chance anyway, these are traits of ENFPs giving everyone a chance and Ne considering possibilities with people giving them the benefit of the doubt before judging them. Then he proceeds to say I don't know what the world is like and says he wants to know more about the world and why Ging left and where he is, he showcases Ne curiosity in this scene and wants to see the world and discover why Ging left and his location in the world, this is pure curiosity about the future and what's out there.

Gon then uses Ne and Si on the ship to predict the storm. I'm going to be comparing this storm scene from the manga and anime and revising this part of my post since I did more research in the coming months up till now and have an even better understanding of the functions up to this point. So in the manga in chapter 2 Gon actually predicted the 2nd storm because there was two storms coming and that came in the manga where as the anime only showed one storm and had him predict that one. This obviously highlights his Ne because he's making a prediction and sees a possibility that will happen and believes in it, and further evidence of why he believes in his hunch of a big storm is coming in terms of the manga is he says the wind is tepid and salty and that the sea cranes are yelling out warnings, which showcases Gon's Si. Gon we can clearly interpret in this scene has been through this experience before with a big storm coming and these signs coming up, he remembers these conditions being met in his memory and their happening again which makes him able to make a confident prediction of a huge storm is coming and even predict the size of the storm and time frame it will hit when the captain asks him.

This is all clearly signs of Si and Ne in Gon with remembering past experiences and seeing the conditions and circumstances of those past experiences arising again to be able to make a confident prediction that something will happen soon and is coming, Si and Ne coming out in Gon clearly in this scene. I'm glad I was able to fix this point in this post and understand it properly after more research on the functions because this scene always confused me I'll admit but I go it down now. And in terms of the anime, the scene in general plays out the same except without going into more detail about the salty wind and it being tepid and the part of predicting the time and size, and of course Gon only predicts the first and the only one storm that happened in the anime. But my points still stand in the anime version and manga version despite the differences in how they played out. This is one of many moments you see Gon's good introverted sensing skills that help him as a hunter but he does have Se moments as well that I'll mention if you read on even if not as much, and of course there is plenty of Ne moments in Gon that I'll mention if you keep reading forward.

A perfect example of Gon using Si again that might go unnoticed for some people is also on the ship right after Kurapika and Leorio finish fighting. Gon stops the captain from yelling at them and telling them to comeback because Mito his aunt once told him, I'll again use the manga because the anime made some weird changes it worded it a little different, but the point still stands in the manga Gon tells us she said in the past to him: "If you want to know a person, find out what makes him angry." Gon states this is one of Aunt Mito's favorite sayings and then says they're both mad about something, we should leave them to work it out. This shows Gon is the kind of person more than most people to really treasure the past in terms of things that are meaningful and that he takes certain values and things he was taught in the past very seriously even now at his current age and time on the ship and that he doesn't forget these important values from the past. Gon showcasing he's the type of person to remember and treasure important values he was taught in the past further showcases his developed inferior Si as an ENFP, which is also similar to Luffy and Shanks with Luffy's actions in the bar scene in Jaya as an interesting parallel I noticed in Gon and Luffy here just to bring that up to compare. Luffy from One Piece is an obvious ENFP as well in my opinion and is very similar to Gon and has this similar parallel of treasuring values from the past and following till the end in current day in their lives. I could bring up more obvious parallels from other characters like Goku naming Gohan after Grandpa Gohan and putting the 4 star Dragon Ball on his hat, Luffy obsessing over no one ever damaging his Straw Hat and so on, but I think you get the point I'm getting at here by now reading this far so I'll move onto the next point.

Again Gon's motivation to see Ging is Ne, he wants to find him to find more information about why he left him to be a hunter, the common desire in Ne users for exploration and information gathering based on curiosity caused by their Ne and what the function values. This curiosity for information from his Dad about his motivation drives Gon the entire series.

But a perfect scene where you see how this is Gon's (Si) at work is when he's able to tell those giant rabbit guys apart by paying attention to their details and remembering how the other looked from memory and being able to compare them based on that memory and tell them apart (Si). Gon's developed Si is very interesting in this scene since Leorio couldn't tell them apart and he's an Si user as well which goes to show how experienced Gon is in the wilderness and shows his potential as a Hunter. Keep reading because the best part I have for Gon being ENFP and using Ne is written down below, it's literally the perfect scene.

Another major Si moment in Gon is when he drank the poison drink made by Tonpa and given to him and his friends during the early exams. Gon starts drinking the juice and then stops immediately after tasting it and spits it out. He says I think this drink has gotten bad Tonpa, it tastes strange. He then tells Tonpa that he sampled and tasted plants and grasses back on his island and home in the past and because of that he knows and can tell when something tastes off and goes bad. This is perfect Si moment for Gon because he compared the taste of the drink to past experiences of tasting plants from his home town and island from him trying different plants back in the past when he was younger growing up on his island. He compared and contrasted those experiences and the tastes of those plants he once ate and consumed to the taste of the drink he drank right in that moment. And also he was aware of his body state at the touch of tasting the drink and his body told him this drink is bad and unsafe because of again the plants he tried and sampled on his island. So this whole poison drink scene was a major Si moment in Gon with him recognizing the poison based him tasting plants before on his island, so I just wanted to explain that here in depth since its such a major scene of Si for him.

Now this next scene is shows major amount of proof Gon is ENFP and an Ne user, I'm surprised people missed this since this is such prime example of his Ne being used in the series, all the way back in episode two. If you haven't guessed its the two question quiz scene, now let me explain why Gon uses Ne here and this is the perfect scene for showing he's ENFP. Leorio proceeds to get mad because the right answer is subjective and that picking either choose is immoral because you should love each person the lady makes you have to choose from, this is a question you should struggle with if your a decent good person, which we see is the case with the three characters here. Kurapika explains to Leorio after they're done silence was the right answer, you weren't supposed to choose since it'd be immoral to quickly pick between the two and would be a struggle.

Now after the quiz is over and everyone is ready to move forward, Gon is still thinking about the answer to the question and the possible scenarios! He takes a breath and sits there confused because he can't find the right answer, Leorio tells him they found the right answer and the quiz is over and you can stop now Gon, let's go now and move forward! Gon says I know the quiz is over but why should I stop thinking about the answer? He then proceeds to explain what if I run into that situation in the future and I can only save one person? He asks what should I do? It wouldn't right to pick only one of them but one day I might have to make that hard choice if the situation arises in the future suddenly one day. Extroverted intuition is about "What If and What could be" and all the possible scenarios in a situation, Extroverted Sensing is about "What is and the here and now" and how to handle a current situation presented to me completely now in the moment. An Se user in this scene would have struggled with the question like the rest did but once they heard the right answer would have been relieved and said good we found the right answer so now let's move forward. Gon literally continues to think about the possible scenarios and tries think of all the possibilities in this situation and find in an answer because he knows it's possible this scenario might possibly happen in the future and he should be prepared for it and think of all the possible options to handle it if it comes up. The old lady literally states that is the purpose of this test, you must be ready to face all the worst possible scenarios that may come your way in life because they may come out of nowhere without you expecting it in the future and that's literally what Gon does in this scene, considers all the possible options of the future in this scenario (Ne). This is a complete perfect example of Ne and extroverted Intuition in Gon and showcases why Gon is an ENFP. I rest my case, now on to the next part.

I'll keep adding more examples as the show progress on my rewatch, but yeah I just wanted to clear up why Gon is not ESFP and why he is actually ENFP with just developed introverted sensing to help him survive in the crazy world he's been born into and to maintain his occupation and survive in the future as he grows Hunter, this is a series where you need sensing to survive, even for the most intuitive characters like Gon and Killua, an ENFP and INTP, and his Se is also strong as well but his Si is much stronger and shows up way more often in the story and series.


I have more to add now since I've gotten further on my rewatch. Episode 12 is a perfect example of Gon's Ne as well. When they got to the crossroads on picking the long and easy short path, they didn't have enough and were forced to fight to figure out who were gonna be the two people left behind and which three we're gonna move forward. Gon paid attention to the weapons and them hitting the walls and this sparked an idea to use them to help their situation. Gon's Ne saw the possibilities in the moment and gave him the idea to use the weapons to break down the wall in the long path to make a shortcut to the short, his Ne generated that possibility in his mind on the spot and gave them the answer to pass everyone and not leave anyone behind. That's literally what Ne is, thinking about all the possibilities in a situation and assessing all the options possible in the future, Gon does this perfectly in this scene and episode as well along with my other examples mentioned before. This a second prime example of Gon's Ne, further proving why he's ENFP and how he uses Ne in the series.

Some more Ne moments of Gon is he comes up with Jajaken and he comes up with the idea to trick the Chimera Ant with the multiple arms by calling out a different Rock, Paper, Scissors attack than the one he actually used, just like kid Goku did to Jackie Chun back in Dragon Ball.

I've gotten even further and have more to say and have evidence to oppose Gon's use of Se, and have proof that he doesn't use it in the series from a weakness I found, further showcasing how he uses Ne more.

When Gon steals the badge from Hisoka, when he runs off he gets attacked by the black hunter guy with glasses. After he snipes him and knocks Gon over he proceeds to tell Gon he could have killed him thousands of times because he wasn't paying attention. He tells Gon he doesn't pay attention to his surroundings which is why he was able to snipe him and attack him like that and take his badge. This showcases Gon doesn't have Se dominant and his sensing isn't as strong as it seems even if in the series its decently developed, further showcasing Gon uses Ne much more instead and isn't very good at paying attention to his surroundings.

Gon asks a lot of Ne curiosity questions all the time too since Ne users ask a lot of questions a lot in their life because of Ne curiosity seeing possibilities and wondering and imagining about everything they see in the world and with the people they meet. Killua even mentions this trait in Gon is useful when he says "It's good to have some around who's not afraid of always questions." Killua says this trait is good and useful in Gon when they try to runaway from Phinks and the Phantom Troupe guys right after the YorkNew City Arc ends and there at the auction and accidentally see them again right after being let go by them in the exchange for getting Chrollo back from them for Gon and Killua as a trade between two hostages during the arc.

Gon used Ne and Si when he was training to predict where birds will be in the future with their movements to catch them. He focused and remembered their movement patterns with his Si and was trying to predict in the future of where they'll end up being based on remembering and memorizing their moving habits. This is the Ne and Si axis. Gon also sees a bird catching a fish and pays attention to it. He sees the bird catch the fish and remembers it and thinks about it and then when he sees another bird catch a fish he comes up with the idea on how to catch the bird, with it being going for the target the second if goes for its prey, another Ne Si moment in Gon once again. And the entire time he wasn't paying to attention to his surroundings that the black hunter comments about when he's shown hiding behind the bushes showing his low Se and rather Gon living in his own world with his Ne fully out of touch with reality while he focused on practicing to predict where the birds will be. Gon also came up with the idea with his Ne on to use the butterfly's to track Hisoka after remembering with his Si the detail of Hisoka being injured earlier in the past.

Some more content as I continue to watch more of the series:

Back in the cave with the snakes Gon believes in his hunch that the antidote is definitely there in the dead guy's clothes even if there is not much evidence it is there. He sees the possibility the antidote is there for sure even if there's a chance its not there at all.

The appraiser guy assess Gon and his character, he says in his head Gon is a boy who approaches things with pure curiosity, he doesn't judge things or people too fast as good or bad he says. He highlights pure curiosity is Gon's unique attribute, that's a clear sign of Ne and Extroverted Intuition as well in Gon.

Another Ne moment in Gon is when he says he had a hunch on how the selection for the players for Greed Island worked when they were waiting in the stands to start and get picked for the Greed Island game and participate. Killua was over analyzing the situation and the guy behind him told him how it worked and said how Gon predicted this ahead of time. Gon says yes to this and confirms he was trusting his hunch of how the selection for Greed Island was going and he trusted his hunch and focused on controlling his Nen to get ready for his turn the whole, this a major Ne moment in Gon and shows him relying on his hunches and intuition yet again for his decision making for a problem and situation that came up for them to handle and try to figure out so that they can keep moving forward with their goals as usual.

So I have some examples now for inferior Si. The biggest example of this is like one of the examples I mentioned above of Gon noticing and telling the big rabbits guy's apart from observing them and remembering what one looked like and comparing one from memory to another, this is (Si) in a nutshell. Gon's Si is a strength and weakness since its very developed but still the last function he uses in the inferior function slot. Gon is not good with details and not good with remembering detailed information. I'm on the Greed Island arc and you see this trait of him when Gon gets confused with all the information of the dodgeball game coming at him, he gets confused and flustered easily with too many details and information. I remember this happening plenty of other times when Gon spaced out, was confused, and puzzled when heavy information was being throw at him throughout the series and his brain gets fried and smoke comes out of his ears. This happens also with the Knuckle explanation, along with the other moments in the series.

The Genthru scene is also a huge Ne moment, since Gon mentions how he has to be selfish in this situation in his mind to Bisky and proceeds to go after a chance he sees to injure Genthru. Gon sees a possibility to attack Genthru and cause major damage to him but its a huge risk, Gon doesn't care and focuses on the idea because he sees the possibility to carry out this idea and he wants to do whatever he can to make this possibility come to fruition, even if there's a chance he'll lose both his arms and life in the process.

My last points will be a few Ne moments that happened that I'll summarize from the Chimera Ant arc and idealism Gon showed in the arc as well. Gon shows Ne a few times this arc and I'll just mentioned two moments here. When the falling arrows come down onto the castle and then they charge in, they start running towards the stairs in that famous scene and Youpi sees them. They didn't expect the arrows to come down and just had to go with the flow and keep running and stick to the plan everyone thought in their mind but Gon has a Ne moment that nobody else sees here. He thought of the possibility ahead of time of what if Knuckle and the Chameleon guy got hit and we're dead on the ground still invisible? They didn't know the limit of his invisible powers so its was still possible, and if that possibility existed and happened then who was gonna fight Youpi if this series of possibilities happened? Gon realized all of this in an instant and instantly ran towards Youpi from the start assuming this happened and knew if these what if scenarios happened that he or someone had to deal with Youpi and he chose to go for it despite the risk and uncertainty, this a huge Ne moment in Gon and its scene that should be recognized and understood properly since its such a huge Ne moment so I hope I helped make it clear. Now the next one is Kite, Gon the entire arc sees the possibility to save Kite with his Ne, he blames himself and gets hung up on the past with his Si and he feels he's the reason Kite was captured and lost his arm. Despite all this and him regretting being there holding him back and causing that incident he hopelessly believes no matter what that Kite can be saved. No matter how unrealistic it seems or what facts get presented to him and hints that Kite can't make it, is dead, or can't be saved, he doesn't believe it until the very end when he brings Pitou with him to see and try to fix Kite anyway. Gon is idealistic about saving Kite this entire arc and doesn't listen to anyone or realism this entire time in the arc and even explodes at Killua for being level headed and telling Gon to stop at different times. He stays focused on the goal and his massive amounts of idealism for saving Kite no matter what and ignore any pratical or logical points that goes against his idealism and hope in the entire arc. It doesn't take until they finally get there to Kite and Pitou says Kite can't be saved that Gon finally breaks down and snaps and you already know the rest of what happens from there. So yeah, that's all my points for Gon being ENFP and my Ne and Si points for him so far for this post at least.

Here's also a separate opinion and post that highlights the correlation of Nen types and categories and MBTI types as well and common personality MBTI characteristics that correlate with them and the different Nen types in Hunter x Hunter. It's a really great and awesome post and I highly recommend you check it out here down below. I think the poster did a really good job with this overall even I disagree with a few character typings here and there. The character MBTI types I do agree with that they typed here are Gon Freecss ENFP, Killua Zoldyk INTP, Kurapika INTJ, and I disagree but type Leorio ESFJ like most people do but we both at least agree Fe dom, and Hisoka is ENTP in my opinion and many others as well. Some others are also I personally type Chrollo INFJ list most and Franklin ISFJ but I'll stop there since this part will go on forever. Overall 3 of the main characters I agree with and Leorio and Hisoka are close to my opinion of them as well as Fe dom EXFJs and NTPs as well, that's similar enough to match with the Nen types and MBTI typings pairing anyway so its fine really. Anyways check out the post down below, its really great and well written and really well though out too:

Nen Personalities and The Correlation to the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator : HunterXHunter

I plan on adding more since I have a Part 2 that I want to go more in depth with Ne, Se, and Si moments in Gon again but even more than I did here and bring up points I haven't mentioned in this post already since I've seen more of the series again after my full rewatch I did a few months. So look out for that if your interested.

There might be some overlap with my points above btw, I went back and forth adding more points to this post overtime in the past as I watched it, so forgive me if you see repeated points anywhere above. But I think I hit all the major notes and story beats in my initial Gon Freecss ENFP post here with everything I said above. Hope everyone enjoyed the read.