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Why choose hate?


Well-known member
Aug 9, 2009
“I can’t get over how those who espouse hate have such a rabid following. I am currently watching a documentary named ‘Nazi Jihad.’ There is a Muslim leader who is Amin Al Hussein.

He supported the Nazi regime and advocated to have concentrated camps like in Germany set up in the Middle East. If General Rommel was successful in North Africa and Egypt the Jews would have been killed in the Middle East.

According to this documentary it was the Nazi’s who introduced hate tactics to modern day Muslim terrorists.

Also on Facebook I found a sight that just had labels, name calling and pejoratives against others in the political process. I blocked the page but the creator of the site has like 38,000 following.

I have time and again espoused human reason and adult dialogue sticking with objective facts to make a point. This rather than the senseless subjective negative put downs of incoherent speech.

If you use profanity and disparaging negative labels, it is a reflection of you. It is more revealing of your own character than the party you are putting down.

We are always responsible for our own thoughts, feelings, speech, writing and action irregardless of the situation or the person. What I do is a reflection of me. Always.

What the other party does is a reflection of them. If you can’t stick to human reason to make the point but result to labels, name calling, etc., it is a poor reflection of your maturity in an emotional, spiritual and psychological sense.” LightSun


Odd man out
Staff member
Apr 18, 2010
Instinctual Variant
What you are describing is institutionalized hate. Energy poured into hate is just wasted, whether on this general level or more personally directed. Even anger is a better channel for our energy, as it can help to direct it toward more productive ends.