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What is my enneagram type?


I am
Jun 6, 2013
I've been sure I am some kind of NF type for really long, but after that long time I was oficially typed as an ISFP, so now I am thinking of getting the whole new view at personality types and I decided to also try out to type my ennea type once again.
I think my type might be: 4,3,7,6, or 1. Or at least I think I have some of these numbers as my 3 fixes, but I fail to type the core.
Why 3: - My biggest desire and hope in life is to achieve some level of success, or fame.
- I want to develope myself and I am never satisfied. I always try to become better and better.
- I am highly image seeking and creating some kind of good image, that I could present around people is very importnat to me.
- I want to be inspiring for others
- I want others to value me and appriciate my ideas
- I fear the most of being useless and unspiring
- I want to know, that others see me, know me, understand me. I need a lot of external support.
- I almost never show my weaknesses
- I always idealize my image around others
- I care much about dressing and style, because for me it is the personal expression of my individuality and image
- My desires for succes and fame sometimes make me feel untrue to myself to the point I sometimes doubt if I do what I really want
- that is when I tend to look for my "core"
- When I get in very bad state, I tend to be very lazy, careless, apathetic
- I hide my feelings
- I hide the inner me and I dislike to open up too much, rather I show the "better" idealized me
- I usually show up my cool, nevermind side when I get into troubles
Why 4:
- My whole life I've been seeking for my "true self"
- I want to find out who I am in my real core
- I always need to be true to myself
- I always need to follow my inner feelings of "good/bad, right/wrong"
- My whole life I've been feeling like I miss something inside of me
- The inner feelings of emptiness
- The inner feeling like there is something wrong with me
- I used to be an outsider pretty often
- Even though I want attention, I am very shy
- I am not self confidant
- I am very sensitive
- I am moody and unstable
- I have changing self image
- I tend to feel sad and depressed
- and often enjoy the feelings of sadness and depression
- I am looking for meaning in everything
- I am attracted to mystery, death, depression, dark arts...
- I am very self expressive
- I am artistic
- I need to express myself through original and unusual style, or hobbies
- I am attracted in everything strange and "wierd"
Why 1:
- I have some fear, that I once might be corrupt
- I have strong inner values and moral system
- I want to change what I feel is immoral
- I have strong ideas about chaning the system, political abitions...
- I tend to be over critical
- But I have troubles with accepting when I am wrong
- I have strong idea of perfection
- and my whole life I have been looking for that perfection
- I have strong inner beliefs and ideas, that I always want to achive and go along with
- I am intolerant to other people's weaknesses
- I often feel like I am on a mission, I am looking for some speacial message in everyhing
- I want to improove world, myself, my enviroment according to my inner feeling of what is rigjt
- I can't handle to see injustice
- I have strong desire for fairplay and equal treat for everyone
- I want to get better and better and help others also to become better
- offer an ideas how to imrpove things
why 7
- I tend to be bohemian
- I search for fun in everything
- I can't do one thing for very long
- I have jumpy attention
- I struggle to find the harmony between: work, fun, eating, not eating, talking, not talking
- I just do everything too much, with too big enthusiasm
- I tend to be over idealistic and naive
- I have childish view at the world
- I tend to be pretty hyperactive
- I am usually full of ideas, and plans, but struggle to make them real
- I can get bored extremly easily
- I struggle to finish something
- I need constant new suggestions
- I need a lot of change
- most of all I value freedom
- the worst thing for me would be to be tied up, or chained down and unfree
Why 6:
- I have a great deal of anxiety
- I tend to worry too much
- I tend to fear of simple things
- I tend to be always in inner tension
- I always thing about the worst scenario
- I don't handle tension, or stres very good
- I often fear the unknow, even though on the opposite side I tend to like adventures
- I am unsure about myself
- I need a lot of support from others