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What if Batman augmented himself?


Active member
Jun 21, 2009
I was thinking about this while watching Black Lightening on Netflix, there's a character who has been developing Black Lightenings power suit, providing him with means to channel his power, use the power to fly and stuff like that, I remember a version of this character in one of the shortest Batman strips I ever read, I think it was a page, he is clearly making boots and stuff for Batman but later is producing gadgets for another character, possibly the Joker.

Anyway, this character revealed that he was part of a government project which had released some sort of contagion which had resulted in the meta humans, or powers, to begin with.

It got me thinking, its a given that Batman uses every kind of gadget, all the mad vehicles of the day and every sort of utility belt weapon or gizmo you can imagine, I think some of the latest versions of the Bat Suit or armour that he uses are almost like Iron Man or something, the cartoon which was set in the future was literally like that, flying and stuff.

However, what if Batman, and among other things the guy is, especially in the Justice League cartoon iteration, some sort of incredible (mad?) scientist, could synthesize super powers in a lab? Like his own version of the Infinity Formula, Super Soldier Serum etc. etc. and he took them all like steroids? Like what if he could give himself a shot to become like Hyde with his formula in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen or more controlled version of The Hulk (like Scientist Hulk for instance)?

Would that be out of keeping with the character? I know that some people like Batman because he is skilled rather than having innate or acquired super powers and see that as central to his character, he is meant to be a detective after all like the Detective Comics tag line belies, more like Dick Tracy than Superman.