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What do you think are my IVs (9w1)?


New member
Aug 27, 2021
Going to start from scratch with my IVs again to make sure (I'm probably sp/so but just to make sure).

First, the primary instinct, arguments for and against:


+ I'm mostly fixated on things that interest me, bring comfort or are fun. This basically entails that I can easily spend aeons of time in my own room playing games and immersing myself into the story, listening to music, watching anime, reading up on stuff like typology or Linux related topics, eating food, sleeping in, etc.

- I don't exactly have a very practical, down to earth vibe about me (most would describe me as creative, imaginative, funny and interesting) and I'm not overly concerned with daily chores, health, and practical matters. I love people who are more like that though (I'd love to have a girlfriend who's very caring in that sense), albeit I can sometimes find it a bit frustrating when someone is excessively occupied with "oh no, I have to mop the floor today" or something while I'm in the middle of talking about a brilliant plot twist in a story, or while we're talking about some fun event we experienced together in the past.


+ Though I'm not very consciously aware of it (it's a bit of a recent realization), I think I greatly value being understood, close bonds with friends and family and having a sense of belonging. One of the things that still haunts me and fills me with regret is that I basically slept on my friendships in high school (I never visited any of my friends outside of school, while they all did among each other, and I just inadvertently led it bleed to death) and have never seen them again since. It gives me great energy when I truly feel like I belong somewhere, I'm on the same wavelength as people and people are there for me and with me.

+ I have a generally positive "everyman" attitude in social situations and try not to alienate or offend anyone. Basically, I try to be rather inoffensive and "accessible" so that I can accommodate to everyone I come across. That fades once I get close to someone, though.

- I care zero about social status, reputation and fitting in. Whenever I hear people confess that they used to bully in high school because others did too and they wanted to fit in, I simply don't understand it. In that sense I only really give thought to how I personally view things, so I only really pay attention to how I view people and things, and not what their label says. I also don't make an active effort to fit in, because doing that means to me that you're not meant to be in that group to begin with. It either just happens or doesn't for me, I don't make things happen in an artificial manner.

- I pretty much never care about contributing to a greater whole or anything. When I see people criticize themselves for being selfish and not being productive for the sake of society or something along those lines I just think "eh, why? You're entitled to living your life the way you want, you're not required to just follow that ingrained ideal of serving society". In general I'm also just way too lazy and passive to be so first too I think, since so-firsts seem very proactive and undertaking.

- I gravitate more to smaller groups, and familiar people in particular. It takes a while for someone to enter that sphere of familiar people and not everyone gets in.

- I tend to have difficulties maintaining friendships, as I only really act on them when I feel like it, and usually I'm mostly preoccupied with other things like playing games, so the urge doesn't arrive often. That being said though, I think me having social anxiety, relying on online communities for socializing and living a pretty isolated life for the most part might muddle things somewhat.


+ I feel like I occasionally experience periods of exhilaration (like if I find out that someone I like has very similar views and ideas to me, experience a cathartic moment in a story, feel a deep sense of being connected to someone or a group, birthday parties when I was a kid, etc) and these kinds of things are absolutely amazing and so refreshing and energizing.

+ The idea of sx blinds always being surface level and not forming deeper bonds with people sounds kinda depressing to me.

+ I have a good idea of who I like and dislike, and can be pretty quick with such assessments. Like, if I meet someone for the first time I can already sense my disposition to them very quickly and can "filter them out" as a potential friend or something more or different. That being said though, it's not *always* set in stone (sometimes I grow to like people I previously disliked and vice versa) and I still keep up a polite front (if they're good people otherwise) instead of immediately giving them the cold shoulder.

- Intense is one of the last adjectives I'd use to describe myself. I practically view myself as a kid.

- I value safety and certainty. I dislike when things go "out of bounds". Like, if I see a sx first do something reckless out of passion in the heat of the moment I just think "duuuuude". I always play it safe when things are getting too wild, and suppress my urges and desires.

- I don't understand the whole "merging" stuff, and all of the "loss of self" things just sound scary to me. Might be a bit impacted by my derealization and subsequent fear of certain existential topic though and mixing those descriptions up with this.

- I'm absolutely not sensual or anything, in fact I cringe pretty hard if I try to imagine myself in a sexually tinted situation. At the same time though, I do think I want to experience sex at least once in my life.

- sx firsts (well, particularly among more extravagant types like sx 4 and sx 8) tend to appear more incomprehensible and mysterious to me than sp firsts and so firsts.

- When I'm one on one with someone I either don't know well or don't like (much), I have a hard time keeping up a conversation. I prefer group situations in these cases since I feel like it spreads out the burden of keeping the conversation interesting over everyone instead of dumping it all on me.

(In progress, maybe)


Well-known member
Sep 17, 2014
You describe being S and Fi. Text typing puts the S first. ESFP. That's better than IVs.