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Vendrah's Enneagram test

Opal Star

Aug 4, 2020
Instinctual Variant
My results:
Type 1: 57
Type 5: 56
Type 3: 56
Type 8: 49
Type 7: 42
Type 6 (phobic): 33
Type 4: 28
Type 9: 27
Type 6 (counter-phobic): 26
Type 2: 24
Not a bad test. I like the distinction between phobic 6 and counter-phobic 6. That being said, 1w2 fits me better than 1w9. I frequently type as a 1w9 on tests but I found out that 1w2 fits me better. The power of research.


I am
Jun 6, 2013
I'm a 7 according to this test, followed by 3, followed by a 4. 8 and 1 were pretty close too. According to this my tritype would be 738/1. My lowest score was 6.