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UBI versus Job Guarantee Schemes?


Active member
Jun 21, 2009
In the earliest full employment ideas the state would act as employer, in Keynesian welfare states employer of last resort, in theory if you wanted a job and could not find one then you could get work on public works projects. In command economies of the Eastern Bloc communist states there was a Job Guarantee by virtue of the fact that the state would provide a job for anyone who wanted one, otherwise known a "Job Guarantee".

In both models subsistence is guaranteed but linked as earnings to work performed.

The big alternative is a Universal Basic Income which breaks the link between subsistence and work performed, occupation, how anyone chooses to occupy their time, is entirely their own business.

Which do you think is the best idea and which do you think is more associated with left or right wing political inclinations or thinking and why?


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Apr 22, 2008