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Type my OC Character (updated)

Mar 27, 2011
“Hannah Quigley is a very sweet and caring, if scatterbrained young girl who quickly becomes Mia Carmichael's best friend in New York. She is characteristically dreamy, fairly intelligent, and curious, yet misunderstood due to her quirky and sometimes awkward personality. Her greatest passion is helping others and creating art, as indicated by the pervasive amount of drawing she did on her bedroom walls as a child. She is considered somewhat of a misfit by her classmates and tends to stick mainly to Mia while at school, with many people claiming that they are both attached at the hip. Good-natured and unassuming, Hannah is a loving and sincere girl at heart who has a pure, childlike quality to her demeanor. She can usually be seen acting goofily during her playful exchanges with her super best friend, often referring to Mia as "the SpongeBob to her Patrick". She didn't have many close friends prior to meeting Mia and had a similarly difficult time connecting with people of her own, causing her to greatly value their close friendship. She was seen as clumsy and nervous, but friendly and secretly yearned for a place of acceptance and belonging among her peers, as well as increased popularity. Although usually quiet and low-key when at school, Hannah felt conflicted between her desires to blend in and stand out among her classmates and deeply longed for their recognition. She would try to meet others' needs in order to gain approval, but also pull back from people in her fear of rejection, judgment, or failure.

Despite her attempts at fitting in, she had a vivid imagination and an unparalleled sense of morality that set her apart from her peers. Her self-conscious demeanor made her appear increasingly socially timid however and earned her a reputation of being something of an ungainly klutz, although she would always pop back up with a good-humored, but rueful smile. Desperate for companionship, Hannah's attempts at being personable while befriending others caused her to be labeled as "weird" and "annoying" by those who did not understand her, bringing about constant rejection when all she sought after was a meaningful connection. She had a habit of taking things personally and through her intense fear of being ridiculed, often internalized other people's mistreatment of her as a reflection of who she was as a person. With her strong dislike for being left out, this led to many years of feeling isolated and friendless among her peer group, never quite knowing what it felt like to have a true friend. She most notably befriended Kirsten Lundgren, a pretty, freckled blonde who was slightly older than she was and snidely disregarded their friendship upon bonding with two other girls with similarly rhyming names. Hannah slightly envied Kirsten's sociability and good looks, admiring her long white-blonde hair and describing it as "the color of corn silk", along with her ski jump nose and heavy black mascara. She revealed herself to be impressionable and tenderhearted, with a painful, innate desire to love and be loved by others.

Being unaware and thinking it was her own blunders that caused her humiliation, she would retreat inward, trying to escape what was happening by living inside of her inner world. She became an outcast by the time she reached first grade, as her mistake of mispronouncing Kirsten's name would cost her much of her popularity with her peers. Hannah's innocently mischievous personality could lead her to feel alienated from her fellow children, especially in the light of her mother's death. Even as an infant, she was eager to get into paints, pens, keys, or any grown-up objects that seemed unattainable and therefore deeply compelling. She enjoyed playing outside and never wore shoes, feeling genuinely surprised by the fact that everyone was looking for her after she wandered off and became lost. She had trouble thinking things through and was more determined to gain the approval of her peers than she was heedful of her father's advice. Hannah has deep emotional scars from the loss of her mother at an early age and became somewhat of a "floater" due to her struggle to fit in with social groups. She often felt lonely once her classmates chose to pursue activities with other friends and avoided inviting her to parties and similar events that took place outside of school. The girls at school weren't very nice to her, as she tended to be overemotional and would sometimes begin to cry unexpectedly when she felt angry, frustrated, or upset.

She also developed escapist tendencies and often became lost in her fantasies as she doodled upon her worksheets in place of note-taking.
Hannah would ask her grandmother to drop her off at school so that she could avoid the rowdy boys who stole her eraser and threw almonds at her on the bus. She willingly took the longer route home once she was dismissed for the day and spent many lonely afternoons sitting with her grandmother watching reruns of old game shows. Her grandmother worried about her future if something were to happen to her, especially as she tearfully slammed her phone against the concrete.
She encouraged her to toughen up and had good intentions in scolding her whenever she came home crying, as she knew she wasn't going to be around eternally. For a time, Hannah felt unable to open up to her classmates due to her increased meekness and lost the ability to express herself. She unsuccessfully tried to bottle up what she felt and numb herself to her problems, only to then proceed to release everything in sudden tantrums and emotional outbursts when at home in her desire for attention. She was prone to speaking out her feelings regardless of whether her words offended someone and often struggled with controlling what came out of her mouth.

Her emotions could occasionally cloud her judgment and make her behave irrationally when angry as well, which caused many of her peers to take advantage of her tendency to be easily provoked to trigger a reaction from her. There is something very unique about the way Hannah thinks, as she is constantly working out a million situations inside her mind.
Attempting to explore her inner world is like watching a million gears turning at once, which gives her an intense way of seeing reality that is rare and sometimes misunderstood. It has been shown that Kirsten's reason for mocking her comes from her own bigoted view of normality that causes her to disregard anyone who is different from or disagrees with her. Her poor attitude and bullying behavior could also be attributed to her jealousy of the love and happiness her rival has with her family, something she cannot get with her father away.

When she makes a crown out of plant burs and wears it on the way home from school, Hannah soon finds out that she can't get it off because the hooks in the burs are stuck to her hair. She is seen as bright and capable, although her silliness and more naïve and annoying traits cause her to seem less intelligent than she truly is. She often felt as though she couldn't reach out to others, sometimes feeling ignored by her father, a hard-working, middle-aged man of Irish-Catholic descent named Callum who affectionately calls her his "ladybug". She similarly had an ongoing rivalry with her college-aged older brother Liam, a brainy brunette who is 7 years her senior with whom she has a somewhat distant relationship.

Hannah has some people-pleasing tendencies, wishing to make others happy and to be liked and well-received by everyone she meets. She is usually creative, optimistic, and supportive, although she can sometimes be too willing to go along with others to keep the peace.he cares deeply for other people, often putting their feelings and interests before her own, in some cases at a personal cost. She tends to be very kindly and sympathetic, but can be somewhat naïve in regards to understanding the ulterior motives of others, quickly growing attached to those who are demonstrative and affectionate towards her. Hannah's friendliness and eagerness to interact with others sometimes causes her to be dismissed when she is trying to introduce herself. She can be quite gullible, as she takes the slightest bit of positive reinforcement as a "free ticket" to invite people to come over to her house.

She enjoys giving attention to others and may learn everything about her friends' interests in order to have something to share in common. She can struggle at times to state her desires and needs and may follow other people's whims instead of asserting herself. Although she is friendly with several different people, Hannah isn't particularly close to anyone beyond her best friend Mia and good friend Tyna Weaver from art class. She tries to balance her need for individuality with a strong desire to gain intimacy and solidarity with others, which makes setting boundaries challenging for her. She is not content to be just someone's friend, as she wants to be the "best" friend, as well as the confidante and number-one kindred spirit. Generous and friendly, she wants to feel as though she is part of a group and tends to be insecure about her worth, feeling a desire to please others in order to be on acknowledged and fit in somewhere.

Despite this, Hannah doesn't seek to be the most popular kid at school, as she simply wants friends and people to spend her afternoons and weekends with. She is sensitive and selfless, as she was prepared to give up her spot for one of her friends if there wasn't any room on the class trip and is very attentive to the needs of others. Her big heart doesn't exclude even the more reserved, yet she has shown herself to be apologetic and overly concerned with how others perceive her. She also has a habit of attracting broken and damaged people who can sometimes appear overly demanding and take advantage of her kindness, which can leave her feeling emotionally drained in her desire to offer comfort and guidance to others.

Hannah is nevertheless genuine and sincere in her daily encounters and often goes out of her way to care for and assist the people around her. She will often do anything to keep her friends happy, even at the expense of her own well-being, and enjoys making people laugh with her goofy sense of humor. She is a gentle soul who likes to perform random favors and acts of kindness, whether it's picking up spilled pencils or sharing her lunch with a friend who didn't bring one, and is generally humble and honest. She attracts people with her imagination and is normally seen as the type of person who will show up with a hot meal when a friend is sick, as well as the first to offer help in a dire situation. Hannah is very kindhearted and innocent and very rarely acts openly mean to anyone, even those who find her an annoyance and act cruelly to her.

She is a broadminded, openhearted girl who can be surprisingly profound, having an enormous amount of modesty despite her lack of social skills and a pure heart. She claims that she would volunteer to be a fortune cookie writer, as she can use her creativity and humorous side to come up with amusing philosophical quips to make those around her smile. She has a gift for seeing possibilities and creative solutions to interpersonal issues people are dealing with, which inspires her to root for the underdogs. Hannah can see how different events may unfold and how many good things could happen, making her skilled at cheering up even the most downcast friend. She brings her unique talents to the halftime show when she cheers her classmates on after being unable to play in the school's kickball tournament due to a sore toe.

She is unable to resist the urge to try and befriend cats, despite being allergic to them, and always feels disappointed when they turn out to be wild, feline creatures who do not warm up to others as much as they should. She is also extremely giving and likes to thoughtfully craft handmade gifts for the people she cares about, having once customized a tennis racket cover to offer her brother Liam on his birthday. Despite her cheerful attitude, Hannah opts to show a darker and gloomier side to her when pushed far enough and can occasionally get her feelings hurt. Her artistic skill was suddenly tested when she believes Callum hated the gifts she made him and destroys them out of sadness, only for him to reveal he liked them after all because they came from the heart.

The fastest way to get her to hate someone is to wait until she has finally worked up the courage to explain how she feels about something, only to tell her that particular person or thing is "lame". As a person who dislikes "injustice", she determines she would rather not have an owl at all than allow her owl-making to be plagiarized by Kirsten Lundgren, leading her to throw both owls away. What you see is what you get with Hannah, who doesn't scheme and is often seen by those around her as an open book. She has a difficult time bottling up her emotions or hiding her true intentions from others, no matter how hard she tries. She tends to talk too loud or too fast and sometimes cries when she is happy, particularly when she finds herself overwhelmed with intense emotion.

She will easily self-disclose with others and is prone to revealing too much about herself when first opening up during interactions, which can put her in vulnerable positions. While she can seem intimidated by large group settings, Hannah's true warm, kind and friendly personality will slowly come to surface during her one-on-one encounters. It is during these times that her normally bashful expression will be replaced with a wide, heartfelt smile, which Mia claims "always looks really nice and truly brightens up the room".

Her transparent nature can make even lying a difficult task for her, as she often babbles nervously and becomes fidgety upon telling the smallest fib. She can similarly detect insincerity in another person's words or actions, having the ability to read between the lines and quickly pick up if someone "means one thing, but says another". When someone is having feelings in her vicinity, Hannah is often experiencing those feelings right along with them, even if she doesn't know the person or why they are upset. She is quick to jump to positive assumptions without having all of the facts and as a result appears inexperienced in dealing with certain situations. Her natural tendency to give others the benefit of the doubt can often leave her feeling hurt in her habit of trusting too easily.

She sometimes struggles with being seen by her classmates as "too nice", which can cause her to appear passive and be somewhat of a pushover with her less assertive demeanor.
Hannah is also prone to pacing back and forth and thinking out loud when trying to process things in the privacy of her room, a bad habit that she has since been wanting to outgrow. She often rehearses full conversations in the mirror and pretends to be in different situations as she fills in what the other person would say. She is good at seeing patterns and trends for how people live life and often uses her imagination to understand what it's like to really be them.

She will likewise go to a fat sycamore tree at the old elementary school playground to mope whenever she is upset about something or having a bad day. On the rare occasions in which Hannah gets in a bad mood, she tends to drag her surrounding atmosphere down with her. She can easily switch between behaving playfully and energetically to being quiet and contained depending on who she is with. She might find herself adopting proverbs, platitudes, happy thoughts and fantasies to distract herself when's she starts to feel mad. She also has the habit of re-analyzing what she said later or during the time she might find awkward moments in a conversation and often regrets saying more than she meant to. Hannah tends to experience a rainbow of emotions all at once, which can lead her to appear both pessimistic and optimistic depending on the day and her current mood.

She can appear somewhat obsessive by seeking answers and asking the same questions in three different forms to gain reassurance. After failing to change the stubbornness of her neighbor, she descended into a brief depression and lost her care for Christmas, proving that her optimism can be broken.
She shows a sense of naivety as well, still believing that wizards and unicorns, as well as Santa Claus are real despite already being a tween. Hannah may start to vent about the state of the world and how truly bad things are around her as she becomes tense and falls into a negative state. Whether it be overthinking a situation in the past or the future, or suddenly being struck by questions that cause her to question reality or existence, she tends to think about events way more than she knows she should. While she is usually friendly and upbeat, her emotions can shift quickly and sometimes get the best of her, most notably when things become too overwhelming and chaotic.

Regardless, she can be rather equable depending on the circumstance, exhibiting willpower and self-discipline in some situations meanwhile appearing more reckless and excitable in others. Hannah might find herself focusing on something important, which brings about other thoughts until it snowballs and she forgets what she was thinking about to begin with. She sometimes rambles, although most people find it endearing since it usually ends with her conversing with herself and stopping after a while once she realizes what she is doing. One of her most noticeable quirks is her tendency to use fillers phrases, such as "it's like" and "you know" when feeling anxious or bursting with enthusiasm.

She can never quite bring herself to swear either, preferring to use substitutes for curse words such as "Holy guacamole!" and "Ay, caramba!" instead. Sometimes you will just see a twinkle in Hannah's eye and instantly know that she has got an amusing scenario playing through her head.
She is often capable of seeing a new way to create something, most notably when she's painting a messy picture that echoes with the desires of her heart. It's the little things that bring her joy, such as rewatching a favorite childhood film, leisurely pursuing a library, or learning everything she can about a hobby that strikes her interest. She can become hooked on her comfortable routines and habits and become blind to what's really happening around her, finding joy through favorite foods, television shows, and books that she likes to revisit.

A curious child, Hannah was a voracious reader who had the ambitious goal of tackling all the books in her family's cherry-oak attic bookcase, including her parent's old dust-ridden yellow pages. She didn't have many friends to hang out with growing up and would spend long hours on her computer to pass the time. She tried to build online friendships and spent most of her days searching for random fun stuff and new dress-up games to play after school. She was fascinated with prying into the lives of different people and found the now extinct yellow books to be ancient with the recent advancements in today's technology. Hannah ends up replying to a personal ad and lying about her age and her life to a lonely man named "Aero" whom she meets on the internet. The two never have any actual romantic experiences and when they do meet, the man has no idea she is the woman to whom he had been writing. During this time of isolation, she tried to occupy herself with other things like playing with dolls or riding her bicycle throughout the house.

The sheer size of the house and its multitude of vacant rooms only served to intensify her loneliness however, prompting her to go as far as talk to the numerous pictures decorating the living room interior. Hannah was previously terrified of a creepy painting of a blue face her father once purchased at a neighborhood yard sale that she and her older brother called "Chimbu". She also had a childhood fear of a tall, scraggly woman who would talk to herself while riding the public bus, although she later feels compassion for her upon realizing she was mentally ill. She sometimes gets so lost in her inner world that she enters a state that her best friend Mia refers to as "hermit mode," during which her loved ones have to come looking for her. Whether she is holed up in a corner with her nose buried in a book or regaling others with her latest passion or idea, everything she does is tinged with a sense of wonder. While she loves planning activities and going out with Mia, Hannah often finds herself going with the flow and letting others take the lead.

It can be hard for her to be a follower at times, which became apparent when she envied Kirsten Lundgren for being the team captain during Field Day, especially after finding herself unable to compete with her fancy clothes and running abilities. She is considered to be the type of person who will finger-paint and wipe her hands with the neighbor's cat, as well as invite her entire preschool class over without letting her family know. Her creative mind allows her to come up with the most ingenious ways to entertain herself, such as emptying two coffee cans to use as a pair of stilts and walk merrily around the neighborhood. Hannah can likewise be insecure and somewhat thin-skinned, although to a lesser extent than Mia, whom is often much less decided in her outlook. She likes to remain focused on the things that make her happy and often attempts to avoid confrontation, although being upbeat can be hard for her when she is forced to fake it.

As an ambivert, she is somewhat more of a people person than Mia is and has an easier time interacting with others, despite being relatively awkward and quiet while at school.
She always tries very hard to focus on the other person and their face when she is speaking to them to prevent looking bored or as if she is daydreaming. Hannah is a shy, socially awkward girl who generally has a hard time opening up to people, causing her to hang out mostly with other kids who are rejected for being individuals. Sensitive and caring, she feels things deeply and is often moved and inspired by the stories other people share. She is seldom able to resist offering a kind word or heartfelt compliment to someone simply to make them smile, yet can be self-effacing and minimize her own needs to ensure the happiness and well-being of others. Her social circle comprises genuinely kind people, as she is on a constant search for true friends who share her deeply held values or are at least willing to have an open mind. While she is aware that she can come across as "silly" and "strange", Hannah tends to hide this side of her personality around those she doesn't know well in fear of being off-putting or unappealing.

She has a secretly "nerdy" side that she struggles to share with the world, as she is often deeply attracted to people who have unique minds and are willing to explore different sides of themselves. She often finds herself staring intently at a random person trying to figure out what they are thinking without noticing or hearing anything else that is happening in the room. She feels embarrassed and a even bit irritated when someone catches her smirking at her own thoughts and she is forced to tell them what she is thinking. Hannah can prove to be very perky and talkative upon warming up to others however, claiming to love being around people, but not necessarily being the center of attention. She loves to talk about what is going on in her life, although she can sometimes overwhelm others with too much enthusiasm. She has what Mia describes as a "silly switch", considering she can be discussing theoretical physics one moment, only to suddenly tone things down and show a more lighthearted side to herself that reveals her fascination with dolphins the next.

When she wants to be sociable, she can often force herself, especially if she finds herself surrounded by people she truly likes. Hannah doesn't express extreme opinions and tends to think positively about most things, although she is objective enough to see flaws and virtues. She has a very moderate philosophy and is generally polite, enthusiastic, and easygoing, preferring not to impose her beliefs on others.
She usually remains hopeful and optimistic during her first encounters, as it often takes a lot to cause her opinions on someone to waver. Energetic and inquisitive, she is heedless to formality and social standings, addressing certain people with nicknames, and shows curiosity towards those who have peculiar interests and lives that differ from the norm.

While she may disagree with the non-conformist at times, Hannah always appreciates their perspective and likes getting into their shoes to see what makes them tick. She is fascinated by the things she doesn't know, whereas most others are uncomfortable or threatened by them. Many people tend to open up to her readily due to sensing this tolerance from her, which she jokes has caused her to hear some of the "strangest stories" during her social encounters. She is careful not to offend or upset anyone, so she often reserves her unique sense of humor for the people closest to her who can fully understand where she is coming from. Despite being relatively chatty, friendly, and open to meeting people, Hannah can't help but feel awkward or even oafish around those who are extremely educated and sees herself as simple by comparison. She is adept at looking on the bright side of things, but may sometimes struggle with sad or depressed thoughts and can easily fall into melancholy moods. She is a lonely person deep down who wishes to make friends but doesn't know how to properly socialize, causing her to feel estranged and resort to her imagination to compensate for her lack of social life.
She tends to become upset when people are better than her in something she excels at, especially when it comes to storytelling or her art.

Even so, she dislikes confrontation and often tries to appear accepting and accommodating so as to limit disagreements between herself and others. She places less importance on who is right and who is wrong in conflict situations, focusing instead on how the conflict makes her feel. She can have difficulty providing constructive criticism, as she doesn't want her words to offend or negatively affect those around her. She is kind, a trait Liam used to consider a flaw, and tries to be inclusive and considerate, offering people a safe place to be themselves. Despite her usual friendliness and idealism, Hannah struggles with self-confidence and self-esteem, looking to others during tough times to save her from situations that make her uncomfortable. She is not immune to becoming frustrated by setbacks and things that don't go her way, causing her to reveal a more stubborn, passive-aggressive side to her otherwise amiable demeanor. She can become a poor listener when she strongly desires something and tends to pester others until she has achieved what she wants. She wavers between being brave and foolish in her actions and firmly sets her heart on things, making it difficult to persuade her to give up.

Hannah often expresses annoyance towards those who do not take her seriously or provide her with the attention she craves. Instead of yelling or flipping tables when she is angry, her lip will start to quiver and when it comes to something that is bothering her, the tears are bound to flow. Although kindhearted and bright, jealousy can sometimes get the better of her, particularly when she compares herself to or tries to measure up to other people. She admits to feeling insecure over what others think of her and her future, especially once they compare her achievements to Liam's. Hannah developed a tendency of trying to one-up her brother's accomplishments and exaggerate her abilities to compete with him. She doesn't take advice from others very well, although she gradually tries to become more openminded and learn from her mistakes. She feels what she creates can make an impact, which causes her to go great lengths to achieve her goals and impress others at her own expense, sometimes to no avail.

Having her space invaded, being tied to someone else's wishes, or being pressured to make hasty decisions are all things that make her feel stressed and anxious. Hannah is decisively indecisive, as she will often take several minutes to make up her mind on what she wants, whether it's a new flavor of ice cream or the clothing she is going to wear. It can be very difficult for her to choose a quick course of action or come to a firm stance on how she feels about something, as she will often go back and begin doubting it in favor of different views. She is mostly indifferent to school stuff throughout her life and gets C's, as she doesn't join many after-school clubs and prefers reading manga, daydreaming, doodling, or surfing the web at home. She recalls once nearly getting caught peeking at her best friend Mia's geography test after being unable to remember the capital of Lithuania. Hannah similarly dislikes being yelled at or having other people trying to dictate and micromanage her life, especially when faced with the likelihood of being grounded, of which she is terrified.

She prizes her freedom and seeks different ways to express her individuality, having little desire to control those around her or be controlled. Sometimes childish and naïve, she is an intelligent young girl, yet can appear spacey to others with her inattentiveness, as well as socially oblivious and slightly odd. She seems to have a bit of anxiety and is considered too sweet to be picked on but too shy to be popular, so she usually sticks close to a few good friends and just rides her teen years out. While she is generally mild-mannered and rarely causes problems for others, Hannah isn't the poster child of "child-raising done right". She is incapable of letting certain things go and tends to act foolishly when she cannot get her way, especially after getting into heated arguments with Liam. She can be bratty and self-absorbed and doesn't like to be pitied, although those negative attributes usually come from a deep wish to live up to the standards set by her older brother and to do so in her own way.

She is often as determined as she is stubborn, which makes her an individual with great physical and mental endurance, but is very mature when she needs to be. Hannah prefers following her own inner morals to following the rules of someone else, even when she doesn't understand the consequences she could receive from the other kids. She is consistently portrayed with a virtue and willingness to trust that often leads to misfortune and abuse, although she has proven many times to be capable of standing up for herself.

She does not like being seen as unoriginal and unimaginative and will at times try to convey an openness to new ideas and possibilities, whether put forward by herself or others. In asserting her ideas, she can sometimes feel her back against the wall as she contends with what she views as unfair treatment or willful misconstructions of her arguments by opponents. Unlike Liam, she also seems to have little respect for tradition or doing things the way they have always been done, simply because she sees it as completely arbitrary. At the same time, she can be traditional due to her strong values and sense of nostalgia, so it's not unusual for her to hold on to childhood toys, treasured collections, or family memorabilia. She tends to be less sensible than Liam, as she always spent her money on junk when she was a kid instead of saving it and envied his splurged items. Sometimes that meant buying books and art supplies, and other times it might have meant purchasing survival gear to backpack through Alaska.

When it comes to social situations, Hannah generally tries to adjust her behavior to fit the circumstances, but can still have the occasional slip-up, as seen when she returns a stolen pez dispenser while crying. She may act on impulse regardless of where she is or whom she is with, as she can't always keep herself from reacting precipitately or consider the consequences of her behavior. Despite sometimes being a bit of a "blabbermouth", she is good at keeping larger secrets and will often remain silent under certain circumstances if a friend's safety or reputation is at stake.
With her obsessive tendencies, she can also be perfectionistic and sensitive to outside criticism, having high standards for herself and others and making great efforts to reach and live up to them. If someone Hannah feels is selfish or uncaring seems to be reaping too many benefits from their negative behavior, it can make her feel both angry and even a bit envious of what they have. She is happier seeing people achieve success by doing the right thing and wants people to live their own lives, without taking advantage of others or hurting them to get there.

Like anyone else, she can have ugly thoughts, as she might wish harm and misfortune on someone who has deeply wronged her, hoping they'd lose their car or something precious to them. She will react to being made to feel small by behaving based off not only her wounded pride, but also her reinforced feelings of inadequacy. Hannah's thoughts never turn into truly evil ones however, as she is generally a very kind and well-meaning person who wouldn't even hurt a fly. It is shown instead that her ugly thoughts likely stem from a sense of powerlessness and a lack of control she feels when other people wrong her, rather than any real feelings of cruelty. Little do others know that she catalogs all of these past transgressions and can remember everything someone has done against her or others. She will often bring up all of these horrible past memories at once when someone has pushed her so far that she feels it is necessary to put them in their place. Hannah has previously gotten angry with her older brother and been unkind to him to the point of cruelty, as she once nearly texted him that she wished he was dead.
She felt guilty for all the arguing however and punished herself by missing out on her favorite book sale, but decided to get along with her brother for her sake. She has a strong moral personality and usually avoids doing wrong things, but doesn't always repent her actions and is sometimes pushed to do otherwise, mostly by her peers. Her fatal flaw nonetheless is that she is easily influenced by others' opinions of her, which can cause her to act rashly in her desire for acceptance and belonging and do more harm than good.

Hannah has learned to manage herself better and make independent decisions on her own without any influence from other people, although she is still fairly clumsy and sometimes dependent on her family. She is described as having a unique way of doing most things that tends to be very specific, with her family openly admitting that she marches to the beat of a different drum. While having sympathetic intentions, genuinely treasuring her friends and not wishing to be alone, her one-track thinking and not taking into consideration how her friends felt led to them rejecting her. It is mentioned that she and her brother used to fight a lot when they were younger, especially after her mother's passing, but became somewhat closer to each other as she matured. The opinions of others and the impact of her actions on them really matter to Hannah, as she has never been angry with someone without eventually feeling guilty about it. Mean remarks can easily take the wind out of her sails, as she might overhear a cruel joke and feel bad for whoever is the butt of the joke.

Her need to live in an idealistic world, dubbed "Hannah town", caused her to come to school dressed like a janitor on Job Day and carry some keys and a paintbrush, with her classmates laughing at her presentation. She scolded them for not having courtesy, informing them how their school janitor unlocked bathroom doors with his keys so they could use the restroom, kept the hallways clean, and painted litter cans with his paintbrush.

While she values the opinions of others, Hannah has certain limits, as she refuses to compromise her morals or her character to please someone else. She has trouble with impersonal reasoning and making rational decisions, as she is guided by her emotions and bases her choices upon what feels right to her. Begrudgingly submissive, she is often perceived as shy and weak, but remains a cheerful and enthusiastic person who is seen as selfless to a fault. She has no shortage of adventure and mischief in her life, and while she may be far more intelligent than she appears, she can always count on her older brother Liam being there to protect her, even when she might not want him to be. It has likewise been established that if Hannah gets angry about something, she will tend to hold a grudge until the issue has been resolved. The conflict itself is usually the only thing she will talk about until she can either forget the situation, confront the issue, or speak to the person who caused the problem with her. She can lash out on others and show spontaneous bouts of anger, although she will usually calm down and sort through her feelings quickly while reverting to her normal self.

She has a tendency to be overly emotional, along with appearing ditzy, naïve and sensitive, which makes her susceptible to being manipulated or convinced into things if one knows what threads to pull. Sometimes dead silence can speak volumes, and Hannah might find herself worrying that this means something is wrong or that the other person harbors bad feelings towards her. She tends to feel compassion for others easily and will grow uncomfortable if someone is acting strangely, especially if she knows they don't like her. Fighting with someone she considers precious to her such as a family member or close friend will leave her spinning with anxiety and hurt, and perhaps even physically sick. She often feels most comforted whenever she can fully open up to someone about what is bothering her, as she finds it difficult to remain silent and will call everyone on her contact list just to vent.

Hannah is always quick to acknowledge her wrongdoings regardless and is normally the first person to offer an apology during an argument. She is able to empathize with and validate all people's feelings, even if she doesn't personally agree with their actions. She is usually understanding and claims that she doesn't typically judge others or reach strong conclusions about those she encounters. She aims instead to see the positive, special qualities in everyone she meets and chooses to treat people as she would wish to be treated. Hannah is good at comforting others and enjoys discussing the problems and struggles of her friends through intimate, confidential conversations.
She is caring to the point in which she can get herself hurt in the process of aiding someone, as she is so selfless that she is willing to sacrifice her entire person for others. A simple girl, she is generally low-maintenance and often does not understand the competitiveness among many of her female peers.

She doesn't want to make enemies of anyone and simply dislikes arguing with those around her, especially people who can potentially say cruel or hurtful things. Hannah isn't as likely to approach something with logic, as she doesn't always see things in absolutes and will often spend hours just running through different thoughts and emotions. She is more apt to see situations through multiple perspectives and tries to remain tolerant and openminded, with a genuine desire to motivate and help improve the lives of others. Being more introverted in nature means that she is able to suppress her actual thoughts and observations from people around her, but sometimes the weight to carry can be a bit heavy, which can lead her to feel invisible and lonely. As a curious wanderer, she views life as a special gift and is aware of the world surrounding her, including aspects such as violence, injustice, inequality and just about any nuance one can think of. When someone comes to her with a problem, Hannah usually doesn't give them advice or an opinion unless they ask for one.

Sometimes she will tell a story of when something similar happened to her hoping they'll draw their own lesson and see the pathway they should take. She is often full of cheerful, low-key enthusiasm and is endlessly supportive of her friends and loved ones, feeling content at seeing them happy and moving in positive directions in life.
In truth, she just doesn't waste her anger on small things and tries to see the best in those around her, considering most people to be a friend until they have proven her otherwise. Hannah rarely gives up on people and gets a euphoric buzz after receiving gratitude or praise for something noble or helpful she has done. If possible, she would rather see a serial killer reformed and redeemed than have them simply executed, as she can be depressed for weeks about a tragic story she heard on the news. Her patience is almost infinite, as she lets people be themselves without judgement and is able to shed pretense in order to empathize and bring comfort to others.

She hates rudeness and seeing people suffer, as even observing pain and misery in a movie or TV show can make her heart feel as though it is breaking. Hannah doesn't always learn from her mistakes immediately, as her emotions can sometimes trip her up when it comes to the people she loves. She doesn't usually analyze her actions enough to recognize when she should adjust her behavior, and so fails to really recognize when she is repeating certain errors in judgment. She believes in the concept of "out of sight, out of mind" but knows it's not completely true, as no matter how much she puts something off it always creeps back up on her. She is described by her friends and loved ones as someone who "takes life pretty seriously", easily getting affected by trivial matters and contemplating the "what if's" and "what could be's". Hannah also appreciates the individual person and never bases her judgements on societal standards, but rather by a gut feeling.

She has a hard time accepting or tolerating the increasingly shallow nature of high school social life, feeling a strong pull to express herself and stand against any kind of inequality among her peers. Through her eyes, the idea of an elitist way of living means alienating people based on things she perceives as deeply shallow, which leaves her with a strong sense of inner guilt. Holding space for others to understand themselves, helping them clarify their values, and honoring their experiences is something she is a master at. Hannah doesn't enjoy anything that makes others feel less than worth it, and so cliques can feel a bit pointless and even cruel to her at times. She is more likely to band together with a crowd of fellow "misfits" and might feel more comfortable with people who don't quite fit in. She often finds herself attracted to oddities in people and is not particularly interested in stereotypical ideas of beauty, preferring those who are unique and authentic.

She will be drawn to the things which evoke a deeper emotion for her, whether it be the rain, warm fires, a reading nook, a dreary image, or anything that feels deeply personal. Hannah loves to cultivate deeper meaning in everything, as when her phone rings 3 times in a row, she will start reflecting on the negative aspects of technology. She will also see a rock in the middle of a park and begin contemplating how beautiful life is to have someone strong enough to carry a rock and put it in the middle of the road. Although she will frequently notice aesthetics, she does not find an individual's looks nearly as important as personality or compassion. As a person who places little importance in appearance, she values kindness and will more likely fall instead for someone who sparks her soul.”

I know this is a long read, but what do you guys think her MBTI and enneagram type are? I appreciate everyone who has taken the chance to read through this in advance :)


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May 22, 2008
Difficult, haven't read the whole thing.

my best guess : Type INFP enneagram 2w3
strong Amelie Poulain vibes

edit :
Pretty well written, you're talented
Thought of INFJ or ISFJ too at times

Doctor Cringelord

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Aug 27, 2013
Instinctual Variant
I didn't read the entire thing but INFP seems to track from what I did read.


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Sep 17, 2014
Well, you're an INFP and you're probably describing an INFP.
Mar 27, 2011
Oh wow. I didn’t realize all the comments on this post, but I am flattered you guys think I am a good writer. I did intend for her to be an INFP and am glad you guys liked my story, even if you haven’t read the whole thing.