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Type a random internet person


New member
Feb 21, 2021
What do you study or do for a living? How did you come to do that? What do you like or dislike about it?

I'm in between jobs because of covid but I was a dog groomer. I just pushed for it at my store. I'm usually always looking for more money opportunities. I dislike customers service and don't like dealing with people but like animals. For school I've taken business and Psychology.

What else do you do on a daily basis? What are your interests and hobbies? Why do you do them?

I'm an avid gamer mostly RPGS and FPS. I also play Warhammer tabletop. I usually tend to play Rogues or Necromancers.

I watch movies.

I play guitar/bass.

I work out 5 days a week

I listen and play metal all week. But I love all types of music especially gaming soundtracks like Skyrim.

I like to read.

I hang with my kid and fiance

Hiking and going to the beach

I collect horror movie related things and turning a room into my horror movie room. I have a YouTube channel where I talk about horror movies

It just relaxes me and makes me happy when doing these things. Being stressed out and having these hobbies helps.

Describe your relations with family and friends. What do you like and dislike about them?

My friends were an escape as my parents are born again Christians. Very strict, it's a long story I won't be getting into.. Left all that behind as soon as I could move out which was 17. I'm 36 now and don't regret it. I do talk to my parents still but it's out of not wanting to keep my daughter from them. Not my idea, originally I was going to never contact them ever again but my fiance convinced me not to. I put boundaries up with them.

What conflicts have you encountered recently with other people? Why did they happen? Which kinds seem to happen on a regular basis?

I'm not easy to work or get along with. I am blunt, impatient and will literally walk away mid conversation if I'm bored or wasting time. Or I'll just change the conversation. I don't like being told what to do so when it comes to jobs I've had I butted heads frequently.

How would your friends describe you?



Open minded

Smart ass

Rebellious(My parents said I was a lot like Bart Simpson)




Pessimistic, though I consider myself a realist


What do people generally see as your strengths? What do you like about yourself?

I stand up for myself

I want to understand everything I can or at least what interests me

I'm competitive

I'm very ambitious, if I gave a goal I will reach it.

What are your weaknesses? What criticism do you often face from others? What do you dislike about yourself?

I' don't have tact. I just say what I want

I'm impatient

I have a lot of ideas I don't follow through

What things do you dislike doing? What things do you enjoy more than others?

I don't like going to family gatherings

I don't like have a schedule to follow unless it's mine

What goals, aspirations, or plans do you have for the future? How did you come to have them?

Run my own business. My goal is to have a comfortable life I can give to my fiance and kid.

If you had enough money to live comfortably for the rest of your life without working, what would you do with your time?

Build a movie theatre in my house.

Make movies

Go to concerts

Travel to Europe

How do you behave around strangers?

I put walls up but act neutral

How do you react to conflict? What do you do if somebody insults or attacks you?

I thrive in situations like this. I get adrenaline during arguments. If I'm attacked physically I will defend myself.

What is one common misconception that people have about things? Explain why it is wrong.

That religion is helpful. Though to some it might be.
There's no scientific evidence to back claims that religion makes.

What is something you regret?

Getting married ata young age to the wrong person.

What are your religious or spiritual beliefs and why do you hold them?

Science is my "religion"

What are your political beliefs, and why? To what extent do you care about politics?


Would you ever be interested in starting a business? Why or why not? What role would you play in it? What kind of business would it be?

Yes, I'd be in charge. Some sort of horror movie/horror/Halloween store.

How do you approach responsibility? What do you tend to expect of others?

I take care of my responsibilities usually ahead of time so I don't have to worry about it later.
I expect nothing from mostly everyone

What was your high school experience like?

For the most part, it was great. I got to meet people that were like minded. I felt I had more freedom compared to previous school experiences. Usually is skateboard around campus, created a movie club where we watched cheesy b horror movies, made movies.

If you were to raise a child, what would be your main concerns, what measures would you take, and why?

Safety, they had a good education but the freedom to explore.
I'm a pretty lenient parent overall.

What do you do if you're not getting what you want? What approach do you use?

I figure out a way to get it. Or at the very least compromise

Are you comfortable taking leadership roles? In what areas? Why or why not?

Yes but prefer not to as I don't want to deal with others

How often do you get angry? What kinds of things make you angry?

People, mainly stupid people. Something that doesn't go the way I I saw .
Being botherd
Having people micro manage my life

What is the purpose of life? What do you find personally meaningful in life?

Try to leave this planet better and enjoy life

How do you dress or manage your appearance?

Typical meatalhead. Band shirts, jeans, tennis shoes or boots. I shower 2 times a day, personal hygiene is important. Nails always cut and manicured. I don't like long nails on myself. Beard is trimmed and on point. I make sure I always smell good.

I only really care what the closed ones in my life think about me. Either way I'll do what I decide to do in the end though.

With stressful situations I'm mostly calm and mindful however if I see something in my head not go my way I lose my calm and become rather impatient. Example: I got locked out of my house at 1am, no locksmith open. My wife is rather patient on trying to figure it out while after about a hour or 2 I'm ready to break the lock.

Around my wife, family, and friends I am a goofy person and look to make people laugh.

I am a geeky person. If you didn't know me you wouldn't know. I've had people tell me I come off intimidating until they started to talk to me and also say I'm one the nerdiest people they have met.

At work I like to do my own thing. I don't like to be bothered. While I worked in retail I hated being asked questions. For instance someone asks what aisle is dog food even though there's a gigantic dog food sign above them. I always looked at them like they were incompetent. I now work in a job that requires fixing and problem solving which is much better. If I was boss for instance, as long as the work gets done I don't care if people talk and have fun...just get the work done.

When doing work I do what I think makes the most Rational And Logical sense most of the time.

I am a stubborn person.

I do tend to get bored easily and will zone out if something is boring.

I have a very organized work environment while my home life is what I call controlled chaos. I know where things are while others wouldn't.

If there's something to get done and I don't find it interesting I used to put it off but as I've gotten older I will tackle it head on right away so I can just relax later.


I don't like having people tell me what to do or manage me. I'm more of a person to just do my own thing.

Strategic person in general.

I will usually speak up when needed. So if there's something unfair happening or someone being bossy I will usually call them out.

I consider myself fairly imaginative.

I love gaming, table top rpgs, reading fantasy and science fiction novels.



I like to understand systems and how things work. Including abstract systems like magic the gathering.

My wife says I remind her of Geralt from the Witcher