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[Type 2] Type 2 Enneagram Profile


Active member
May 22, 2010
I have always wanted to be of service to others. That is why I'm a type 2w3.;)

Or... you are a 2w3 and that's why you have always wanted to be of service to others.

I have always romanticized service and dreamed of being one of those people that can truly make an immediately useful, practical difference in the lives of others but I...kinda suck at this. I very much relate to the following...

The bit about 2 vs 7 was interesting to read:

Twos and Sevens are both generally extroverted and generous and can sometimes crosstype. But Twos are primarily feeling oriented whereas the more mercurial Sevens are oriented to thinking. Twos are far more helpful to others than is the more self oriented Seven; Twos are more likely to follow through on promises of aid whereas Sevens have sometimes “moved on.” Twos are primarily oriented towards their relationships; Sevens towards their activities.

^ I often am tricked...that I have an endless store of thankless patience and care that I'm able to provide to others. I take on big emotional tasks with confidence that I have what it takes to handle it. After it causes too much pain or is consuming too much of my time though, Dom 7w6 takes over and I'm done. What's worse is that with cerebral nature of 7, I often do so in a very self assured and somewhat cold fashion. Sorry buddy I gotta take care of me, gotta go. I've tried to take my pride in my ability to love and nurture without bounds down a few notches and respect the core seven that I know is there.

The bolded...totally. Although it's not other people's pain or pain in general that causes me to hit the emergency exit...I can tolerate a great deal of pain without needing to distract myself if I believe I'm seeing over the horizon. What gets me every time is repeatedly underestimating how critical structural organization and practical daily life needs are to those experiencing grief and/or emotional crisis...and I can barely create a semblance of order in my own life let alone a non-intimate's (an intimate can just tell me plainly exactly what they want/need...what chore needs to be done without concern for social niceties or that they are asking too much or whatever.) I am unable to create the conditions on my own so what I do have to offer can have a meaningful impact. I always become so overwhelmed by this.