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Two Systems of Government (Guiding Government and Supporting Government), plus Third Government or the People, for One Country and the World


Sep 24, 2017
People often compliment the Chinese government for getting the job done, and completing infrastructure projects in record times. On the other hand, people compliment the American government, for their ability to encourage free discussions and the sharing of ideas. While the Chinese government "get promoted or you're out", encourages a stronger drive to follow-through on initiatives, as well as a physical safety and food security, the American government's "the masses are always right", encourages a stronger respect for living environment and freedom of information. Both are actually needed, and can be made as opposite poles.

Guiding government take a hands-off approach, by providing a direction for the people, and the people to work it out for themselves. This entails a lot of access to freedom-of-speech information. This system of government has the law or Judicial Branch as the highest management organ. In this case, it's vital for there to be a law-for-writing-laws, so that people with vested interests and deep pockets not take-over the law-making process.

Supporting government take a hands-on approach, by doing a lot of work that can be done by the people (from building hospitals, schools and infrastructure, to running major corporations and providing lifetime jobs), so the people can better live in an environment of physical safety and food security. In this Supporting Government, it's important the Human Resources Department, which manages the quality of work of officials, is the highest management organ. Otherwise, there is the danger of top leaders enforcing systems of control that restricts births, curtails freedom of movement, decreases ease of doing business or opening mom-and-pop shops, as well as committing crimes against humanity so a few privileged individuals can concentrate the wealth to stay in power.

Guiding Government, with it's emphasis on law, will provide a freedom-of-speech check and "no one is above the law" for the Supporting Government. On the other hand, the Supporting Government, with its emphasis on stability, will provide the environment for people to live in comfort, also provide a feedback loop for how "there is a right way to do anything", like providing food security and physical safety as in child rearing.

The Third Government is the people, and with a proper mindset, like "wishing for others to find the love of their lives", and "using love as a guide", as well as "shine one's heart energy on others", with appreciation for personality differences, as well as working for their goal (seeking a righteous path for more-life, like having children, wisdom, and truth) in cultivating a better society, and connection to or love for the environment, can ensure that the future generation has hope and abundance as well.

Interestingly, CapCom, associated with caring about people close to them and curious of people far away, appears to be associated with the Supporting Government, ensuring that everyone has proper housing, safety on the streets, and food security, even though it's associated with the Political RIght, or respecting private businesses.

On the other hand, SoCom, associated with caring about people far away and curious of people who live near, appears to be associated with the Guiding Government, ensuring that there is freedom-of-information, public voting, and freedom-of-speech, even though it's associated with the Political Left, or supporting public projects against private interests.

The Third Government or the People (or people who can switch between SoCom and CapCom, or introversion and extroversion), is associated with the Judicial, which ensures that no one is above the law, and that decisions last generations, and institutions for all time.

There appears to be a Fourth Government made up of extended families, organizations, or people who support a common cause, like volunteer groups and charity organizations, to political parties, also corporations, secret societies and religious organizations, and the underworld crime groups or mafia families, or people who like to push boundaries with what they can do, or what's possible.

Similarly, one can say that the Fifth Government is Military Intelligence, or Top Secret for Confidential Eyes Only.

The Sixth Government can be thought of as the Environment (while not as vocal though deserves respect, nonetheless), because the environment dictates the construction policies, types of people present, what can be grown or farmed, and also the associated cultures and languages.