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Trapped in a self typing loop?

miss deceit

Aug 22, 2017
Instinctual Variant
So it's become clear to me that I'm almost trapped in a self typing loop. I've gone between the same 4 types because these 4 types DO fit better than the other 12 (or so it would seem): these being ENTP, ESTP, ENFJ, ENTJ.

Now, I cannot be an ENFJ honestly. My Ti is too strong, especially when compared to other xxFJs I've interacted with this becomes clear. I would've chalked this up to personal bias HOWEVER it's something many people have pointed out to me. Also me as an Fe dominant just doesn't really make all that much sense lol. So that leaves ExTP and ENTJ. The issue here is all 3 of these types seem to have an obvious issue.

Firstly, with ESTP - I don't really relate to the issues described with inferior Ni. I don't have issues seeing how things are gonna play out and thinking long term like what is described for inferior Ni. Also for Socionics, SLE has 3D Si which also seems too strong.

Then, with ENTJ - I don't relate to the Te/Fi axis, Ti/Fe seems to be a lot more fitting of me in general. Also based on what I said above regarding Ti, Ti ignoring would also not make much sense.

And finally, ENTP - Similar to how I don't relate much to Te/Fi, Ne/Si also seems a little off. Well, the Si part anyway. Ne being valued I have no issue with as it is a function that I do relate to quite a lot and also others have pointed out my strength in it, but because it is paired with Si there's an issue. I do not relate in anyway to Si, especially as a valued function.

Anyone else experienced this? Anyone have any advice on what to do with this roadblock?


Sep 2, 2017
Instinctual Variant
Have you taken a look at MBTI Notes? The Principles of Cognitive Function Theory @mbti-notes - Type Theory

Her function theory guide is very comprehensive and there are some very good descriptions of the functions based on where they are in the stack. I think it would be best to start with trying to figure out your dominant function since it's your main mode of understanding the world. The four types you cycle between all have different dominants; even though there's some overlap with the functions in other roles (like auxiliary Ti for both ENTP and ESTP), there will still be huge differences in both the kind of information each type is drawn to and the way that information is processed.

I admit that I'm not following your issue with Si as it relates to Ne? If you identify as ENTP with dominant Ne, then you're inferior would be Si. It would make sense that you wouldn't relate to it or "value" it.


New member
Jul 12, 2021
It's best to start with what you're leaving out. You know what's not working in your life. What are you completely neglecting that is literally destroying you. Personally I have no routine, no ha it's, no consistency and my organization drive is pretty crap. Very clearly I'm inferior Si. I can cross check because I can't narrow down to save my life. At this point I have about 27 health disorders and reasons why my health sucks (but not really, I just keep looping), and it seems like with literally any idea or concept I learn about I will narrow it down and be confident for about a day and immediately start digging all over again in case there's something I don't understand (and there's always more to add in.


The singularity hive
May 27, 2017
Instinctual Variant
Interacting with the OP in question, when it was in Personality Cafe, I am sure she is INFJ or ENFJ, I dont see how she is ENTJ or ENTP, considering how reactive she war. for Enneagram shes definitely an 6.