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[Traditional Enneagram] tips for enneagram 1s


Active member
Jan 27, 2015
Instinctual Variant
This is ideas for 1s. remember also this world is not black and white,not all enneagram 1s are moralist. All enneagrams 1 are perfectionistic,averagely. Remember defective means flawed in some way or fashion like iron corroding. Do not look at the world as black and white, look at the world with color, in other words look at the world from an open perspective. Look at the world as an opportunity for you to grow and hone in your skills.If it is art, then learn other subjects other than the required subjects, for an example history,math, and English and watch some cartoons to help you draw better. Gather information guide,decide which information is good and use the information to guide you or to help you build upon ideas and add your own twist and turns. Because if you keep on with the learning one idea, it limits you. Also everything that we see is art from the buildings to the people and to the ants is living art and we all connect. Search not only for the truth but also you truth and found out what you like and don t like. Have fun and smile