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The thread about the environemnt

Virtual ghost

Complex paradigm
Jun 6, 2008
Since I have such a thread about politics I think I will just open one more such thread about environmental issues. Especially since that was kinda the starting point from where I started to think about politics.

So here is something for the start.



Mar 20, 2008
The Environment and the environment

The Environment, with a capital 'E', is delightfully delusional because it is seen by everyone, everywhere, across the world, where the environment, with a lower case 'e', is always invisible.

We have been selected to adapt to our environment, lower case, it survive and reproduce. And to make sure we adapt and survive and reproduce, natural selection has made the environment, lower case, invisible to us, so we will unconsciously adapt to our present environment, lower case.

So we watch the Modern Comedy of the bien pensants pontificating on the Environment, upper case, while adapting unconsciously to our invisible environment, lower case.

We went to the Moon, and turned our camera around, to capture the Earth, and we discovered The Environment, upper case. Now all good people can not only see The Environment, upper case, but are in favour of it.

It does't get much better than that.