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The Brain is not the only "Command Center": Think of the Skin, the Heart, and the Sex-organs in Decision Making


Sep 24, 2017
The human brain is not the only "brain" in the body, as the heart, the skin, and the reproductive-organs, as well as the gut (stomach and intestines), all can reflect a person's emotions, as well as communicate with the person, acting as "command centers", influencing mood, thinking patterns, motivations, and decisions.

For example, when a person eats, the brain says "there is so much more food I want to eat", the heart says "there are a lot of food that I like", the skin says "this is getting uncomfortable or unenjoyable, that's enough food for one sitting", while the reproductive-organ says "stay away from the food".

Affirmation primary love language Energy beings appear to be able to connect (to other people) using Skin

Physical intimacy love language Energy beings appear to be able to connect (to other people) using the Heart

Quality time love language Energy beings appear to be able to connect (to other people) using the Brain

Sensor beings appear to be able to connect (to other people) using the Sex-organs.

To feel for this energy, the person has to be cleared of the Draco Telepathic Taunting (by asking for forgiveness of the person wronged in the mind), as well as achieving the Mind-Body Emotional Repression Release rebalance (this might entail certain eye movements). Activating the body's energy by lifting the brain regions next to the Temple Muscles will certainly help as well.

It appears that when you connect with the heart, or another "command" organ, you can couple that with a well-wish for the person to find the love of his or her life.

Sometimes, you feel a pull, which means you are suitable, while other times, you feel someone you know whom you can introduce.

I have written about how to develop the energy associated with the Four "Command Centers" of human development and connection, relating to what Carl Jung wrote about the anima development:

Adam/Eve - Object of desire, provider of nourishment, security and love

Heart: the heart responds to your emotions and thoughts, besides pumping blood and feeling the environment. For example, if you want to develop your Heart energy, you can engage with others through music, social activism or engagement, or through marketing something

Troy/Helen - Worldly achiever, intelligent and talented

Brain: the brain seeks feelings of happiness and joy. If you want to develop your Brain energy, you can engage in personality psychology, law or civic affairs, or computer science

Joe/Mary - Righteous and a paragon of virtue

Sex-organ: the sex-organ responds to your arousal, as well as other emotional states like stress or fear. If you want to develop your Sex-organ energy, you can engage in aerobic exercises, jumping ability, or muscle training; also, sexual activities and giving birth.

Solomon/Sophia - Wise and fully human, equal and not at all an object

Skin: the skin responds to your emotional states, like stress and health, besides releasing toxins through sweat and feeling the environment. If you want to develop your Skin energy, you can engage in writing and editing, providing film and book reviews, as well as interviewing others on life and topics of interest.

It feels like the fifth "Command Center" is in the stomach, with the human tapeworm and its environment:

The human tapeworm has coexisted and evolved with humans for millions of years, so it's understandable that it very much hopes humans to grow in numbers, and live a very comfortable life full of love and joy. However, in the last 100 years, humans have sought to eradicate its existence from the human gut system, falsely believing that it causes disease and is unnatural. However, the human tapeworm actually depends on humans to sexually reproduce, much like the cats' bugs, so it works for the human's benefit. People often say that that tapeworms can create holes in the intestines, though this is done by roundworms, hookworms and whipworms, as well as high acidity stomach. It's also not much different, or occur more frequency, than a person suffering a heart attack, stroke, getting cancer, or growing a tumor.

Interestingly, when the tapeworm is absent, people can still feel the tapeworm's Anger and Fear when they project anger towards it, or its Anger and Sadness when people view and treat it as something bad, as if it's a ghost appendage This means that the tapeworm is a natural part of the gut microbe environment. However, the tapeworm is better introduced after 14 years old, and removed after a person is 60 years old (because the tapeworm might effect development in the young, and nutrition in people of old age):

Benefits of having tapeworms in the stomach include:
  • No allergies or a significant reduction in the occurrence of allergic reactions
  • Greater feeling of love and attraction for your love partner
  • Greater attraction to your potential romantic love
  • Greater feeling of joy upon having a baby
  • Keeping a healthier body weight
  • Knowing what to eat to keep the tapeworms and the gut environment healthier
  • Happiness seeing and knowing that the tapeworms are leaving the body, and that it's moving on to its next phase in life
As well as:
  • Increased energy and motivation to do the things that interest you and are important
  • Better appetite and increased curiosity for exotic dishes or meats

If you pay attention to the Emotional Repressions of the tapeworm "ghost appendage", then you will realize it also helps you emotionally, and ties you to the well-being of all animals, by exhibiting emotional repressions of Anger, Sadness, and Fear. Interestingly, if you are materialistic, or too focused on gaining material goods, the tapeworm can also express repressed Envy. Here are examples:
  • Aversion to violence and graphic depictions of violence
  • Aversion to violent images and gore
  • Aversion to industrial killing or slaughtering processes
  • Aversion to any attempt at genetic modification, including deliberate attempts on plants and animals
  • Aversion to use animals in chemical and medical research
  • Aversion to use anti-bacterial chemical cleaning agents
  • Aversion to the widespread use of pesticides and weed killers
  • Aversion to the use of poison in managing invasive species like fish
  • Aversion to the focus of pursuit material goods, especially those you don't need
  • Aversion to laying out mouse traps, or any animal traps that are not used for food
  • Aversion to killing an animal if releasing it is an option
  • Aversion to those people who have committed murders, thefts, robberies, etc.
  • Aversion to getting abortions, abandoning a baby, or giving birth in unsanitary locations without care for the baby's or the mother's well-being
  • Aversion to unimportant pursuits or actions, as well as those that do not match your interests
  • Aversion to killing for anything except food, including for money
Additionally, it helps people become more energetic and productive, by getting up early and having increased motivation to work.

Interestingly, the "ghost appendage" tapeworm is not some intestinal flora or bacteria that replaces the tapeworm, it's the intestinal flora that makes the environment for the tapeworm. If you think of an earthworm and project anger towards it, the "ghost appendage" would express repressed sadness, instead of repressed anger as in the case when you project anger as you image a tapeworm in your mind. This means that the tapeworm is an integral part of the human body.

The tapeworm appears to care more about the overall interest, rather than someone's personal interest.

For a species that reincarnates like humans in male and female forms in 100 year cycles, it appears that the tapeworm's memory also helps tie people to the physical and their environment.

Interestingly, while the stomach can respond to you using Emotional Repressions as if the tapeworm is still there like a ghost appendage, especially when you build the right environment for it, there is a feeling of repressed anger when the tapeworm is not actually there.

You might also be interested in knowing about having the sun as a second body, which can be connected using the heart, when you look at the sun for a moment, or hear the sounds from within, and then wishing it to find the love of its life:
Interestingly, when you feel like the need to engage in behavioral quirks on an unconsicous level, like touching your ring, your keychain, or dangling your knee up and down, you can choose to stay still and not touch anything, then release Fear emotional repressions, and let the energetic information flow through you to be interpret it using the psychic modalities.